Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend Update

Wallpaper Pocket above
Pages from yesterday. Remember this is a gift journal and I'm just to put a little decoration and inspiration on the pages.
Tuscany is not the theme, however, it will be the color pallet and underlying element. At least that is what I'm trying to do.
The photo to the left is just to show you how I cheat a little. You can too.
I used a piece of wallpaper border and traced the scroll onto vellum. Cut it out and use it as a patter to paint on the page. I'm doing several pages with the scroll but moving it around in different positions and using different colors.
I think it is looking fab so far.
More later,


  1. Thanks for the tip about making a pattern.

    Now some questions... How many pages will the finished book have? Do you remove pages when you glue some together? I seem to recall that you didn't on the last book. I'm always concerned that I'll have a bulky mess if I don't remove pages.

    Whatever you do, it looks great and I'm sure the intended recipient will be thrilled.

  2. It does look fab! Lucky recipient

  3. YES! It looks wonderful! And thanks for the pattern tip.I am always comming up with cool shortcuts now I must remember to pass them on.I assume that everyone else does the same until I see the same idea in a magazine and someone gets money for sending it in.Duh!

  4. These pages are fabulous, just fabulous!! Lucky person who will receive this book!
    and thank you so much for the great tip on the scroll. I am definitely going to be trying it!!
    You inspire!

  5. I am loving this journal. That is a great tip about the pattern.

  6. The pages are luscious!! Rich colors making beautiful pages to write in and the pocket is always great to save little snippets of things.
    This will be someone's treasure.

    xo Rella

  7. Fab looking pages indeed! How smart of you to use the scroll from the wallpaper... I wonder was that Norah's or Sharon's idea?

  8. oh you are so crafty and inventive...i am always inspired to look for wallpaper now...have fun creating the journal...blessings, rebecca

  9. Your gift journal is coming along beautifully. Someone is going to have quite the treasure!

  10. sure is looking fab - i agree 1

  11. How cool is that! I have a bit of that paper! Thanks for telling me how to "scroll". Back from running from snow only to find we have 2" on the ground with no winter tires on either vehicle...sigh...


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