Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Journal Project

Did I tell you that I also made a leaf pattern from a wallpaper border?

This layer of the journal page is finished but I will be adding a word or quote or something like that to these pages. You know, just a bit of inspiration for the recipient. I save that part for last.

Well, I don't save it for last.....I just save it until it happens. Know what I mean?

I have one more scroll page to paint and then I will do something else. I don't want the whole book to be scrolls and leaves. Although I am having a great time with it. And I do think I'm getting the Tuscan feel and color to it.

Guess what I keep thinking about? OK, I'll tell you. My next painting will surely have scrolls and leaves ...... most likely....probably.....(I do believe Norah'S tumbling around in the attic again)

To answer a question in comments, I did remove one page between every two and the finished book will have 34 spreads which includeds the inside front and back cover. I hope to be finished within a couple of weeks. I love love and thank you all so much for comments. Makes my day!


I really don't get much ART time during the week because I seem to have become addicted to a couple or three evening TV programs. Oddly enough they are all about doctors.

So, today at the desk, I'm about to work on finishing a little mail art. Maybe I can show you that tomorrow. Trying to get this in the mail.

I don't think any of this is what I intended to yak about but I have yaked too much already so....
More later,


  1. oh getting to painting is something...i blog during my addiction shows...such a waste but i love them...the bachelor...really...blessings, rebecca

  2. I love this book , Sharon, if the recipient shouldn't care for it ...well..you know my address. You have to love this time of year when all the new shows are new, ya know?
    xo suze

  3. This is beautiful Sharon, very Tuscan, just needs an olive or a grape and you could be sitting on the balcony of an old stone villa.

  4. your work is absolutely gorgeous! It's a treat just to stop by and see it. inspiring!

  5. Thanks for the info about removing the pages. I need to get back to alterning books which is sort of where I started with all the collage stuff.

    The colors you are working with in this one are beautiful.


  6. I'm really hearting these journal pages!

  7. Sharon, you truly are an inspiration - thank you
    I stop by every 2 days to see what you have created!!
    Marelle (Australia)


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