Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last Swirl

I promise.

I told my friend, Carolynn, this week that if you just think about something and don't get it is OK.

But if you write it down, then you have to do it. Therefore, I'm writing down my list for the weekend and next few days:

1. Fin

Oh, first, it is also OK to put things on your list that you have already done. That way you get a head start on the list. So.
1. Finish the last swirl page. (check)
2. Work on gift journal and try to finish all but cover.
3. Cut fingernails. (check)
4. Give self pedicure.
5. Write something about.....
6. Buy single edge razor blades. (check)
6a. Give self razor haircut.
7. Shop for shoes.
8. And paints. Not blue jeans... I don't need blue paints. I need blue pants.
9. Finish mail art and get ready to mail Monday.
10. There has been a call for cookies. Make cookie/pringle can.
11. Look for the big art table under all the art supplies.
12. Call Susan and see if I can borrow her sizzix frame dies. Thought I bought one. Might find it when I find the big art table.
13. Wash towels.
14. Enough dust has now collected on the dresser. Remove it.

That's all I'm writing down. I'm thinking about some other things but not writing them down. When you write it down, it's a promise to yourself. When you think about things it's day dreaming.
More later,

One more.
15. Start the one-a-day stencil or hand carved stamp challenge with myself. Inspired by Judy Wise. We're doin it.


  1. Good luck with that to do list. You can do it! Just remember -pants not paints, which of course in Britain means you are off to shop for underwear.

    What do you use for your hand carved stamps? Large erasers or soemthing more specifically arty?

  2. It's so funny! I make lists everyday. I make lists of lists and I am lost without them. Right now is my list of what not to forget for my trip to Houston. I am sooo excited.
    Don't's PANTS not paints and don't take Norah shopping with you.
    Have a great (artful)weekend.
    xo suze:)

  3. I love that you put things on your list that are already done!!!!! SO DO I!!!! So much fun checking them off:D Love your swirl too......

  4. MMMM that swirl is delicious!

  5. The colors and design of that swirl are just gorgeous!!! I too am a major list maker! If I didn't make one I am not sure I'd get anything done (haha)! Blessings


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