Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reporting In

Check off the cookie can project (#10). I made one for her roommate too. I wanted to show you that I incorporated the spot for postage on the cans. I also always leave a little spot for the post office to do their thing. They always want to add a little sticker.

13. Towels washed (check)
12. Borrowed frame die cuts from Susan. (check)
Also, not on the list, photographed her cross wall of wall crosses. Needed for gift journal.

6a. Haircut. Yes check it off. The single edge razor worked great. Didn't cut myself. Not showing a picture though.

2. Still "trying" to finish the journal. Finish won't happen but the key word in this one was "try". So, I'm checking this one off.

Also, #15, I didn't manage to make a new stamp yet but I did use two of my older ones on this page. So, I'm counting that for yesterday. It's not cheating, I make the rules.

More later,


  1. Here is my list.
    1. Love the Halloween cans.
    2. I am amazed that you can cut your own hair.
    3. Have to get those new postage stamps!
    4. Glad you liked my dead was gnarly.
    5. Back to packing for Houston.
    6. Wishing you a happy Sunday.

  2. I'm lovein' those cookie can project. You must be the hit of the dorm. . .and the mail carrier!

  3. got her...thank you properly when i can breathe again...blessings, rebecca

  4. Love the cookie cans and I bet they did as well!
    Have a great Halloween!

    Sandy :)

  5. Love those cans!
    Cookies sound delish!
    Swirls.... yum!

    Keep whittling away at that list!!!

    Come see some fun stuff!


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