Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jeepers Creepers

Here it is. I just can't seem to get this done. Some version of this will go in the mail before too long. I hope. There just seems to be obstacles. Do you ever run into those? They are of my own making surely.

I feel a bit out of sorts....whatever that means. I'm just tired right now and I think I could just go to bed. Well, maybe I could just go to desk since I'm still at the office for another hour. When I get home, I will probably go to couch.

"Out of sorts". What do you think that means. Sorts?

Tomorrow, I will be in
More later,


  1. I believe "out of sorts" is related to "out of order" in some way. Whatever - I've had that feeling and you have my sympathy.

    Meanwhile, I like the things you are doing.


  2. ooooh, look at the Halloween creepiness! LOVE it! I hope that all of your sorts are sorted out. smiles...

  3. You might be out of sorts Sharon but your artwork isn't.


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