Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sorted Out

Yes I did.
I sorted it out.

So... as I sorted, I realized that

it boils down to the fact that I would rather spend my money on art supplies, art magazines art making equipment and stuff like that than on.....

clothes, haircuts, shoes, makeup, etc....

My day started "out of sorts" when I couldn't get into that one pair of jeans that I wore every day last winter/fall. I resorted to a pair of pants that I could get into because they were about 2 sizes too big. Do you know how that makes you feel? Well, huge. Then I put on a blouse that didn't necessarily match but I thought worked.

Then, I discovered that yesterday was the very day that my hair was too long and looked like an old lady that nobody loves. You know I visit my own bathroom for hair cuts because I don't want to spend the time or money to go out for them. Besides that I hate to make appointments. How can I possibly know today what I want to do two weeks from now.

Next was the makeup. Days ago I used up the sample of liquid makeup and had already scraped clean with a q-tip the bottle of my own flavor. So, who needs that anyway, I've still got a little blush. As for eye stuff, no matter how many time I jam that little brush into the tube of blackness, it comes out just damp. Just enough to pretend at coloring my lashes.

Oh good lord, I put my glasses on and happened to glance in the magnifying mirror and my mustache and chin hairs were out of control. Most of my tweezers are now "art equipment"; however, I have reserved one pair for this chore. I had no excuse.

Then my shoes. Nothing new about that. I've worn this same pair just about ever day for at least 6 or 10 years. But yesterday, I just did not want to wear them. Yesterday, they looked all used up.

I should have never left the house in this state. But that is just not an option. So, I chose to be "out of sorts" with myself for the day. Maybe if it hadn't all happened on the same day, I would not have been effected.

Today is better. Nothing has really changed except I have resolved a few things that I will do. Being "out of sorts" is just a frame of mind or maybe a choice.

More later,


  1. Oh my God Sharon! I think you are reading my mind. It is such a weird feeling!!!!
    When will we get'sorted out'???
    Oh what the heck - lets just be unsorted(is that a real word??)!! Yeh for the Unsorted out there.

  2. My sorts are all out of whack too! Maybe it's the change in weather? Maybe it's the change in life?
    Maybe because I'll be 40 next month?
    Maybe because I just have way too much going on?
    I don't know but would love to be sorted out ~ ya know?
    Have a great weekend.
    Sandy :)

  3. Geez Sharon..could we be anymore alike?! You just wrote a page from my diary.
    Count me in with the unsorted bunch.
    Suze :0

  4. oh my sharon...i found that you were describing me...except i never wore makeup...tried once, felt like i was smothering...when one of my kids got married he told me i needed to buy some new clothes...without paint on them...oh my...blessings, rebecca

  5. You are so funny!!! I never read a better description of unsorted days... Actually, I didn't know that other women feel like that sometimes. I thought it was only me... Glad you're sorted out!

  6. So here we gather...kindred souls who are realizing that not only do we share the passion to create, but also the the decision NOT to buy the latest fashions (or new clothes at all unless dragged kicking and screaming) or spend that much time dolling up because we'd rather create dolls or paintings or collage. We feel absolutely comfortable with gesso and paint on our fingers and sometimes even in our hair....and snippets of paper in beds because we absolutely had to cut one more thing before falling asleep.

    Well, hello, my name is Rella and I have been without new clothes and shoes for more years than I care to count. And my hair is colored and cut every six weeks because my sister is a hair stylist and I go to her house to visit to get it done...and she cooks me a lovely dinner. Otherwise.....well, let's not even GO there.

    So, will there be weekly meetings?
    xox Rella

  7. Sorry you were out of sorts... we all have days like that. At the moment, I feel out of sorts with my life, like nothing really fits... and I'm not talking about clothes! As you said, it's a matter of perspective. Thank you for this great post! Hugs,

  8. LOL! What are we all like? I too prefer to spend money on paint than clothes. I've grown my hair longer so I don't have to bother so much with hair cuts.But I did force myself to go shoe shopping last week, a process I loathe with a passion. But when the local continental supermarket specials for the past week were acrylics paints, canvas on a roll, etc - you couldn't see me for dust.........that's normal isn't it? It takes all sorts..

  9. oh, girls! I am loving reading the replies as much as reading Sharon's original post. I love our little community of like-minds!!!

    And it goes without saying, I totally relate. (((hugs))) for you my friend!

  10. Another one of the Unsorted (as Alison aptly named us) checking in.

    I always think of those days when I notice the unsorted-ness as days when my whole life just feels ITCHY to me.


  11. As they say in Texas, "You're a hoot!"

  12. The things we do for art and art materials. This list so fits me, I haven't had a 'hairdressers' hair cut since
    my daughter got married 3 years ago. My wardrobe is constantly being recycled as every few years it comes back into fashion.

  13. I just found your blog, read this post, and burst out laughing--I've found my soul-mate! ROFL!!! (Roll on the floor laughing.) Linda in Eureka

  14. oh sharon, SOOOO much here in your post i relate to: weight and clothes not fitting, hair (should i finally let it go natural which is totally silver?) chin and assorted facial hairs flapping in the breeze and no tweezers in sight (where did i put them last? the memory issue too....) needing trifocals, and not being able to thread a needle without magnifiers on. i wish i could cut my own hair, but it's thinning so much now and also curly so i pay the big bucks for cuts every 5 months when i decide i can handle a trip to town. how to age gracefully is what i'm learning about...

    oh, and your newest journal is just GORGEOUS!
    xo katie

  15. oh my have me cracking up!...this is so funny...hhmm i have only one pair of jeans myself...rofl~

    usually the gear is either work out clothes or pajamas..i can only do artwork in my pajamas...and barefeet....and i totally understand the out of sorts thing...half my life is like thatROFL!

    this is so are so sweet!


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