Sunday, February 10, 2008


Here is what is going on.
Tuesday I learned that dh's cousins are gathering for a reunion next weekend. AT OUR HOUSE!!!

I shouldn't have to tell you that I have done nothing except ART for about a year and a half.

I tried real hard to be mad at him because it seems that he has known of this date since last fall.

It took me just a few minutes to remember "that nothing ever happens until it is time". And I guess it was time I know.

The first thing I did yesterday was attack our bedroom. Sounds strange but our bedroom is like grand central station and happens to connect to the kitchen, den, and studio. Like I said grand central station.

I stripped the bed because it was the day that I wash sheets...not because I have company coming to sleep with.

You know how I always say, one thing leads to another? It did.

Do you ever buy those bed-in-a-bag sets? If you do, then you know that the skirt ruffle is sewn onto paper stuff. WHY? I don't know. Makes no sense. Anyway, little by little the ruffle tears off until it is hanging by a few threads hear and there. If you are really having fun playing ART all the time....who cares? Right? OK, now I care because I have company coming. So I get Tim to help me remove the top mattress and proceed to fetch an old 45 year old white wedding gift double bed flat sheet to use to reattach the ruffle to. I've done this before. So I did it.

But before putting the bed back together, I reasoned since the top mattress was off, now would be a good time to chase all those dust bunnies that I know are under there. I mean after all, what if the company looks under my bed.

As much as I hate it, I stash a few things under my bed. Like the kitchen window screens, one leaf to the dinning room table and some beautiful plates that I wish I had a wall to hang on. And oh yes, one more thing, I apparently keep one of Tim's socks, one chocolate chip, and herds of dust bunnies under there too. Gosh I sure slept good last night knowing if there is a bed-looker-under cousin in the group, mine's lookin good.

Next. Windows. Yes I did that too. Well I did the ones that bother me the most and now I can take bird picture from my chair or kitchen window. But I didn't get the screens done. I hate screens anyway. Maybe I should put them under the bed.

That's all for now, I'm going to rake leaves and rediscover the patio that I know is out there.
More later,


  1. There is sure to be one 'under the bed looker' in that bunch. I know there would be if it was my husbands relatives. I am so glad our bed ruffles aren't sewn onto paper - crazy idea.
    Hope you get to enjoy the day. It's always a good excuse for a clean up - you have no choice really. I know that's how it is in my house.
    Have a fun week.

  2. Oh what a funny post, but one I can relate to completely. The only time my house gets really clean is when we are having company or the cat sitter will be coming in. I've been known to hide dishes in the bathtub before, but that was in my single days, long, long ago. I love having a house now and sweet hubby to pick up after. Hope the visit goes well.

  3. I'm not sure my hubby would have survived if he had waited to the last minute to tell me about something like this!!

    I was laughing like crazy while I read this though....because I can relate! There's nothing like a little pressure from company coming to get me in the cleaning mode. And I also have herds of dust bunnies under the bed.

  4. I just discover your blog through the magazine your work is inspiring

  5. Let me remind you that the word you chose to focus this year is 'enough'. Relax! I'm sure that your windows, bed ruffles and everything else are good enough. I would never notice the dust bunnies, but the red bird... so p r e t t y !

  6. Hi Sharon: your post is just delightful - thank you for sharing and of course the picture of the red (robin?) bird right out your window is wonderful too : )

    Love to you, Sandra : )

  7. And you call me crazy? I can totally relate. It's scary how much alike we are. I take the paper off the dust ruffle and staple the sucker right to the box spring.Or I use those screw thingies that you use to keep arm covers on.Does that make sence?
    Yes, I would have to hurt the DH.
    Your cardinal is beautiful. I haven't seen any here in OK.
    Don't stress too much...they are coming to see YOU.
    Hope all goes well-

  8. LOL! What is it about DH's? Mine would totally do this! And what is it about company coming...all of a sudden you look at your house with a new eye and suddenly there are not enough hours in a week to get it all clean...LOL! I totally feel your pain! But just think, after this week, it will all be done which means that you can play with ART all Spring {guilt-free}! smiles...

  9. I can also relate to this really funny post...And I have to close the door to my studio so NO ONE goes in there, because that room holds NO EXCUSES!! Always makes me wonder why we wash the floor before a party when you always have to wash it after! A woman's work is never done...BACK TO THE PAINT I SAY!!

  10. Nothing whips us into cleaning mode better than "company coming". I have worn myself out before a visit and then failed to enjoy the company because I was feeling bad:( Remember.....they are coming to see you, not the herd of dust bunnies under the bed.....LOL

  11. I'm a scotch tape and staple kind of girl, so rather than take the time and tackle the project correctly, I would have put a band aid on it, lol! Thoses serving plates are really pretty!

  12. YOU are too funny! Scary what finds it's way under the bed, eh? Thanks for the giggle and congrats on the publications- I have them both. YAY YOU!

  13. You missed a golden opportunity. Spray the dust bunnies with hair spray, then roler blade over them and they light up - hmm, or is that just an urban myth? Either way. Enough house work already LOL.

  14. Wow cleaning's never this much fun at my house. My husband would be the one to freak out if I suddenly said the family were coming to visit in droves.

  15. You can send those plates to my house - you know, just to get them out of the way. I always like to offer help.


  16. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who knows art comes before housekeeping. I mentioned you in my blog today, I hope you don't mind. Love, Wyanne

  17. It must be close to bed time, cuz here I am. I can't seem to tuck myself in until I stop by and check in on you. I was so wiped from my first day back to the desk I could not add to my blog or anything else...then I read your post and I felt MORE tired. Ambushed by DH with company coming. YIKES!! Years ago I swear my DH (at that time) and I invited friends over every weekend just so we would really keep the place in good shape. Well, times have changed....I seldom have company. smirk.
    Sister or children...they totally understand I prefer making a colorful mess. Plus, they love getting art presents.

    don't over-do!!! You will enjoy the company more that way.
    xo Rella

  18. i love these gorgeous plates!!
    lucky you making art all year long and... don't worry about cleaning up and receiving guests!!


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