Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Back Track

Back tracking..........
Here is "Red Sparkle" and she made her way to Suze just fine.
I made a mini version of my paper doll by reducing it.
Making a mini was Suze's inspiration.....I copied her.
She is attached to the red ATC. You know I had to share just in case you missed it on Suze's blog.
Maybe you noticed the paper doll sheet at my Etsy. It is not the mini but the full size original.
Maybe you also noticed that I have started listing some prints made from my canvases.
More about that later.

Last Friday when I started "The Sisters Reunion" painting and did my Friday show and tell, I was just so excited about what was bouncing around inside of me that I assumed that you were in there too and would know or remember where the little images that I was leveraging came from. So, back tracking a little, here is a picture from last December. I painted angels on these little wooden scraps and then I sold them on my Etsy. Before letting them go I had so much fun playing with them and stacking them and rearranging them and in various rows. Then I thought to scan them in groups.

No telling how long I will be playing with these. I think it is becoming a "Sisters" series or collection. Because many dance in my head doing all sorts of things.

I received a new canvas order today. Only had one 12 X 12 on hand.

I'm wondering if you would like a little challenge for the weekend. I'll be finishing up another "sisters" painting and if you are stumped about what do do next, here it is. Take your camera outside and find something in your yard, park or cemetery that inspires you. Photograph it and then incorporate it your next work of art. Earlier this week I noticed this cute little rabbit right outside my kitchen window. I can tell you that it is already on the canvas.

Hope to be showing you tomorrow. But for now....
Enough said

Oh oh oh, one more thing. Did you notice my new banner? And did you notice my bbff tweaked it a little for me cause she is the bestest and I was out of time.

Now Enough


  1. You have inspired me! I have a gel med transfer on a canvas drying right now!!! Like I don't have enough to do..lol..Thanks Sharon!

  2. The banner is beautiful! And since I've not been here in a few days I looked at everything....you've been so busy!! I remember those little angels on the wood pieces....they're so pretty. Now I'm going to take a look at my yard to see if anything inspires me.

  3. You are so lucky...you have green in your yard. Everything in my yard is dead and brown and there is absolutely NO inspiration there...yet. So no challenge for me, but I will be looking forward to see what y'all come up with.

  4. I love your header...so fun!
    I had to stop and tell you that right away...now I will continue to look..Hugs, mary

  5. I love your new header, and most of all I love this blog! I can't wait to see what you do with putting this bunny on your canvas. Karen

  6. The new banner is great. As usual, your work (and the amount of work you manage) is an inspiration. I'll check the garden for inspiration once it gets light.


  7. Sharon, I am so behind on my blog-reading...your sisters are absolutely fantastic!!!everytime you create something new, I think that you have reached the pinnacle of your talent and then you bring out the next piece and it is even more brilliant. I can't wait to see what you do with that sweet little bunny... smiles!

  8. I love the new banner! Finally Nora has allowed you to promote the artist behind the muse, LOL! I want to see the new prints in your shop! Off to look for some inspiration to blog about tomorrow!

  9. You inspire me just by reading your post Sharon. I love it when there is dancing inside the head!! And the sisters look perfect as your banner!

  10. Blog banner is awesome!! I am so thrilled that you are adding to your ETSY shoppe. AND I am totally jazzed to have one of your paper dolls.

    xo Rella

  11. I love Red and the banner is awesome. I finally have a bit of work up too.

  12. Your banner is beautiful and I love all of your "Sisters" series you have done...I wish I had your talent...I am always amazed when I visit here..

  13. Sharon-- wanted to send a HUGE congrats to you for your feature in the latest Artful Blogging issue--- you must be THRILLED!

    VERY well deserved. Congrats to you! :)

  14. I LOVE the sisters! You are really sumpthin... you know? Your banner is divine. HOpe your weekend is lovely.


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