Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Post

Before I really get busy here at the desk with some real desk work, I just thought I would pitch out a little Weekend Challenge.
Here you go: 1. Find a photo in your local newspaper that inspires you. Like I did with the photo of a girl gardening. The thing that inspired me with this photo was that she was looking down and also the way the photo was cropped. It spoke to me instantly and I went home and did a sketch on this canvas.

That was maybe a couple or more weeks ago. Then I heard about "the Cousins" reunion AT OUR HOUSE...TOMORROW.

When I received the generous packet from Rosemary this week and saw the napkin, again I knew instantly where it would go.

So that is the second part to the challenge. 2. Find a paper napkin or tissue paper that you can incorporate in your painting.

If you scroll down to the post with the scan of stuff that Rosemary sent me, you will see the card of Fort Payne Depot. I wanted to use it too; so, I scanned the card and printed on plain paper and did a plain paper transfer with it. You know where you use soft gel medium like you are going to glue the picture face down on the canvas and then rub rub rub a layer of paper off and the ink transfers to the canvas. That's what I did.

If you would like a third part to the challenge: 3. Add a plain paper transfer to your composition.

There you have it a weekend challenge. Here is a suggestion, if you find a newspaper picture that you really like but don't want to do a sketch. Then scan it and use it as your plain paper transfer and paint it as if it is the sketch.

I won't be able to get back to mine until late Saturday or Sunday because I will be enjoying the visit with "the Cousins". They are really cool cousins and they always bring really wonderful pot luck dishes.

Hear ye Hear ye
One and All
Oh how I have enjoyed all the nice messages you have left for me.
I'm afraid with all the window washing and under-the-bed cleaning, I haven't properly been around to thank you all.
Please know that I'm overjoyed with your visits and wish you could just come tomorrow too and look under my bed.
More later,
For soem reaosn, spel chk things I know how to sepll. That's the onyl reaosn I can thnk of why it does'nt wrk. Pleze fergiv my erors.


  1. I think I'll have to take you up on your challenge. I will have to do it next week tho - but stay tuned.

    You always have such fun ideas (except for the recent flurry of cleaning that is).


  2. What a fun challenge. I might try it soon!
    Have fun with your cousins!

  3. Count me in! I am always up for a challenge. I just hope I can find something inspiring in the newspaper. We are expecting nasty weather all weekend, so your timing is perfect.
    Have fun with your family.

  4. Your work inspire me I was looking at your flickr pics, this is all new to me, I wish I knew how to draw but i'm trying to learn going to some classes this month about painting , I like thsi a lot, just to be free !
    Thank you

  5. I am sorry that I cannot do your challenge this weekend...I will be at the Opera on Saturday and then our regular Sunday Dinner with Mother and Dad.
    I will however file it away in my mind and do it sometime very soon...I love the paper napkins you sent me...I found a source for some close to my I shall be adding to our collection.

  6. Where are my manners? Have a nice weekend with the Cousins :)

  7. Hope the visit goes well - just think you will not have to bother about cleaning for another year until their next visit!
    Stay happy and I am going to give the challenge a go - ooh did I really commit to this oh well I will give it a go!
    Marelle (Australia)xx
    the word verification is sidhead - perhaps it should say silly head for me attempting something so difficult for meeee!!!!!

  8. This is really nice. I am busy this weekend, but it looks like a great project to move to after my current one. I am sure it will take me longer than the weekend. I've never worked with napkins and am anxious to try this technique. Have fun with all your kin folk.
    Susan K.

  9. Wonderfull work. Nice week-end. Fine.

  10. good challenge...wish i could play along...but i have so much to do...congrats on all the pubilcity and recognition you have been deserve every bit...i have missed you...hugs, r

  11. I love this challenge of yours! I know I don't come by often enough, but I love visiting your site. I might just have to try my hand at this challenge. I just don't get a newspaper anymore...but I'll have to go digging.

  12. Gorgeous canvas and what a good idea just looking in the local newspaper for inspiration!

  13. i may have to try your challenge. i am working on another, but what is one more? your blog and art work is beautiful. keep it all coming for us to enjoy.

  14. Someday maybe... I'll challenge myself to your challenge... it looks fun.

  15. just inspiring sharon!!
    lovely beautiful sketches created by an artist's patient hands... ;)

  16. I did do the collage, I didn't draw a picture of it...just the collage. It was fun. Thank You for the idea.

  17. Late on the project but want to try it later. I really just wanted to comment on how GORGEOUS that canvas is. Really!


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