Thursday, February 07, 2008

Take a Peek

The first thing I did was find me.

Then, I read all of it as if I had never heard it before.

It's a crazy feeling.

I knew I wouldn't get one bit of work done until I gave this peek.

You cannot know how exciting it is to see you art and words on pages of a magazine.

This publication is full of wonderful blogs. Many of which I have visited and many that are new to me.
I'm having a hard time for words at the moment and part of that is feeling my gratitude for the blogging community. It really is mind boggeling. More than one blogging friend offered to send me the publication. You recall, my copy didn't arrive in the mailing package and I had no idea it would be hard to find in my area.

But Mo'a had already e-mailed me that she bought an extra to send. Thank you so much Mo'a. My heart is very touched today.

More later,


wht happend to spll chck? anbode knwo?


  1. Congratulations. Now can we finally see some more art, please!!

  2. Congrats Sharon. The article was great!I know exactly how you feel. That was so nice of Moa' to send you a copy. Now back to the art at hand.....

  3. Honoring who you are..Honoring what you create...Honoring with gratitude.
    And then to receive this honor...
    Blessings to you for all you share from your heart to ours Sharon.

  4. I managed to find a UK online shop that had it, I ordered a copy on Monday and got it yesterday! I was so thrilled to see your piece :-) Well done!

  5. Congrats Sharon. Norah's in print! You must feel a bit like a proud parent.

    Do I get to call myself an Auntie? Heehee


  6. I wondered about spell check, too! Congrats on getting into that great magazine...I'm wondering- did someone approach you or did you have to apply? I've looked at a bookstore and three crafts stores and can't find a copy! Guess I have to order on-line! I bet that is surreal reading about your lovely art!

  7. Oh how wonderful Sharon!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and read it! You soooo deserve this! You and your art are beautiful!!

  8. Congratulations, it's fantastic! *^v^*

  9. Congratulations! I was so excited to see you in Artful Blogging. Beautiful work!
    Deryn M.

  10. i just picked up my copy last night saw your beautiful artwork! i was so proud that i had been a regualar before the article...i thought...i know her! kind of like a little hidden treasure that now the whole (blogging) world knows about. like i had special viewing privi! congrats!

  11. Sharon, this is soooo funny! I was coming over here to tell you how much I ENJOYED your article in AB....and here it is!!!!

    I am always inspired here and now I can open it up and be insprired anytime I want....

    congrats on a truly beautiful mag and article!!

  12. I love your art and it's just wonderful that you're in Artful Blogging! Congratulations!

  13. Congrats and Bravo!!!! You deserve it all!! What magazine is it though? If you mentioned it in the post, I missed it:D

  14. Who cares about Spell Check !



  15. It's a beautiful article. I love that I can say I'm in the same magazine with you....even though mine is just one little picture!!

    What a nice thing for your friend to do! Bloggers are the best!!

  16. Sharon, it is so good to see your reaction. I loved the section about is a great magazine...too bad that it is so hard to find in book stores.
    Thank you for your comment about me...*blush, blush*

  17. Congratulations Sharon, I might have to order this one, it looks fabulous, well done.

  18. Congratulations! It was a great article.

  19. Oh Sharon,
    I've been going over the pages, reading and looking and looking and reading ~ GORGEOUS WORK!! Congratulations on being published!!!
    Love your ART! Love your bloggy friendship!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sandy :)

  20. Yours was the first one I looked for...and gosh, it was so wonderful. It was exciting for me, reading about YOU...and I am so proud of you girlie!!

    xo Rella

  21. I picked up my copy today and found your site right away! They gave you a great spread! congratulations! thanks for stopping by OBS to see my work too!

  22. I've long for a long time to see your art in some magazine. It's a delight to see several pages. Beautiful and inspiring!

  23. I bought the book because Janet was in it, to my delight you are in it also. I had got myself a cup of red tea to settled down for the eye treat...It is a great issue...a gift for us all.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  24. Congratulations and you deserve every page and then some! I am going to NJ tuesday and that is the first thing I am going to look for (after a craft store and a pastrami on rye)! I wish they had posted the pringles cans, they are truly works of art! Gina

  25. Congratulations! I think you have found your niche. I'm going to request that you do some of those YouTube videos on your blog, with some lessons on paper napkin layering and pringles cans. Please think about doing that!

    Love your blog,


  26. You must be very proud! Good for you!!!
    xo jeanne

  27. YAAAAAY ! Congratulations!!! You gave that magazine some CLASSSSS !

  28. This is how I found you, thru the mag!! Congrats on being published, love love love your style in your work and I will be reading all the posts I missed. May I add you to my list on my blog??? I wish I knew about you sooner, we just moved from College

  29. congratulations sharon!!
    this is so amazing seeing your art work in a magazine!!
    it all looks so inpiring, too bad i cannot get a copy over here in the netherlands... :((


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