Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sisters at play

Had to stop and have lunch.
(an hour early)
Anyway thought you would like to see progress.
This is 24 X 8 canvas and is hard to photograph.
Can you tell I'm working right on top of a mess.
No time to.
Don't care.
Enough for now,


  1. I wish you lived closer to me Sharon! You make art such a fun adventure. I love how the girls are coming along, they look great!

  2. Oh my!The internet goes off, an on, and off again for a week and then we comes back on in time to see Norah's latest project. And as I said - oh my!

    PS thank you - package recieved safely! Many thanks!

  3. Sharon the 'Sisters' are looking fabulous.

  4. Mess? what mess? It all looks good to me. And that piece of cheese cloth would make some funky doll hair! And the girls are looking great. I had to break to go out to dinner, but mine will be ready tomorrow. I got my ATC today, thank you!!I love her. She and Rose can be best friends.


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