Thursday, February 21, 2008

Make My Day

Let me share some makin my day goodness. I have received this wonderful assortment fun stuff.
My friend Susan, made my Valentine Day with this sassy paper doll that she made. She used a stamp for her face and cut the arms and legs from a discarded pattern book. Now, that really reminds me of when I was a kid cutting out and making my own paper dolls from Sears catalogue.
Cindy in Carolina made my day when she sent me a little collection of paper napkins. Don't you love this one. Norah'S thrilled but I don't yet know when we will be playing with it. Probably when least expected. Cindy, I am so embarrassed. I have some to send you......wonder why I haven't. The only excuse I can think of is when I learned I had company coming, I went brain dead.

Darla in California made my day with a bit of wallpaper border. I already know that I will be making a template or stencil and then....paint.
Suze in Oklahoma made my day. We decided to swap ATCs. And look what she made for me using a reduced copy of her paper doll, Rose. She is laying on the front of the way cool mail art envelope. I love her Suze. Thank you. The ATC on the bottom is made with a sample of Suze's paper towel/mod podge paper. It's amazing. You can't really tell with a blog picture. That's why she sent me the ATC so I could see I-R-L.

I hope this pretty envelope makes Suze's day. It flew out today. It's my ATC trade with her, but I'm not showing cause then she wouldn't be surprised.

Love getting this nice little award. The lovely Deryn Mentock and the lovely e.beck both passed this on to me yesterday. I'm just saying, it is such a great feeling to know when someone really enjoys reading my blog. Thank you both. I love reading your blogs too.

I'm going to pass it on to Kal Barteski, Shona Cole (another Texas blogger) and Kathy Wasilewski. I think you will really enjoy a visit to their blogs.


  1. Thank you for the nice words about the collage, it's always nice to be noticed. I thought it was a great idea. Sometimes idea's don't come easy and yours was so special.
    I finished my first project with the soldering iron...I am so excited, and only one burned finger....Hugs, mary

  2. So much talent and good friends, I think you must be so proud. It would have made my day also.
    These are the good things.

  3. Everything here is just so yummy I don't know where to start! So I'll make it short and sweet! You and your friends are very talented and creative and it must be so much fun going to your mailbox!

  4. Sharon, I finally wrote a post about your generous gift...and I am taking on another of your challenges.
    Friends are the best and yours are so very talented...I love blogging as it brings us all together.

  5. visiting from juneblues blog; you have a lovely blog throughout; very fresh - very sweet art.

  6. Glad to see the wallpaper arrived, I was so surprised when I found it in the thrift store. You've been so generous with your tutorials that I wanted to give something back.

    Obviously I'm not alone if thinking your blog is one of the best.


  7. What wonderful gifts! Thanks for the kind words on my blog. I'm slowly feeling a bit better adn more inspired to get back into a creative groove.

  8. How wonderful to receive so much goodness from so many talented friends.

    And I laughed -- cutting paper dolls from the Sears catalogue...and I thought my friends and I were the only ones who did that!!! We must be "soul" sistas!!


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