Wednesday, February 13, 2008


...with you what has been shared with me.
I received this lushious package from Fiona. We swaped ATC Valentine Paperdolls. Isn't her little dancer so sweet. She put on her skirt and twirled all the way from Scotland in a package of goodness and fun. I managed this one photo with dead camera batteries.

So I had to scan this wonderful stack. This came from Rosemary. You remember Rosemary who won the "Retro Pinkie" drawing. My word! I never expected her to send me anything. And I'm sorry you can't see all in this scan. But you will definitely be seeing these beautiful bits in my future ART pieces.
Which brings me to tell you that I am having some kind of withdrawal and I hope to satisfy my ART addition tonight. The paintings are stacking up in my head causing such a commotion that I'm finding it hard to do desk work. Know what I mean?
I have cleaned "enough" for the weekend company. I think.
More later,


  1. What a gorgeous paper doll from Fiona.
    Good luck with those visitors you are cleaning for.

  2. Oh my, what pretties!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see some art work.

  3. Hi, I know exactly what you mean about too many ideas bouncing around in your head! I want to do everything at once, immediately. Sounds like your going to have a houseful. Hope you get your art fix in soon. Love all the pretty colors in your gift package! You'll have fun with those!!

  4. Isn't it fun to get packages of inspiration in the mail? I look forward to seeing all you will create with your new stash.



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