Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Mail

Sending today.
Mail from the desk of............
Have a great weekend.
More later.....
Enough for now.


  1. I am itching to get back in the studio.
    I did manage to finish painting number three...I put her up on my blog today.
    I think of you whenever I use the lovely napkins...they are such fun.

  2. This mail art is fun. Got yours today...thanks!!! I love the tags.Did you use a corner punch to make them? The Photo Impact is a photo inhancing program sort of like Photoshop but not as pricy.
    Have a gret weekend!
    Oh, and the napkin is to die for.

  3. One more thing...does the P.O. give you a hard time about your stamp placement? I used to work there and the cancelling machine runs across the top of the envelope. That's why they charge more postage for the square envelopes. Just wondering.

  4. Oh Sharon - another beautiful art piece! You are starting to make me look at hands in magazines in a whole new way! Love the sleepy girls too!

  5. Loving the envelopes...they are gorgeous!



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