Sunday, March 02, 2008

Early Birds

Seems early for my birds to be nesting but gee whiz it's March. This photo was taken Friday afternoon.

I painted the blue bird box when it was first made several years ago but I didn't realize until this picture that it matches the eggs.

This box opens from the side and is rather hard to get a photo but I'm not complaining. It really is good enough.

I think this summer when all the nesting is finished, I will wallpaper the inside of some of my bird boxes. Wouldn't that make a cool picture. I won't do all of them because the birds might not appreciate my taste in decor.
I'm not sure who laid these white eggs in the box on the side of the tank dam. I thought maybe it was a tufted titmouse but my field guide says they lay 5 or 6 brown-dotted white eggs. These are not brown-dotted. Chickadee eggs are also brown-speckled white eggs and their nest always have a lot of moss. I guess I will have to sit out and watch to see who comes and goes.
I have another "sisters" painting finished that I am very anxious to show but I can't get a good picture right now. My assistant, Tim is not here with his camera.
Very very tired so I guess that is enough for now.


  1. I love the pic of the bird eggs and the fact that the house is the same shade of blue....I can see you using this in a painting...

  2. What perfect eggs Sharon, especially the blue ones, I agree with Brenda, I can see them appearing in your art soon.

  3. Ah, signs of spring. Those eggs are precious.


  4. How beautiful...I can see lovely wallpaper inside the boxes.
    The bluebirds have been visiting us since the end of January...we have a special worm feeder for them...the chickadee also loves the worms.
    I look forward to seeing what you worked on this weekend.

  5. I Love the contrast of the neutral colored nests with the cheerfully colored eggs, especially the turquoise. Nature is so perfect!

  6. This is so cool!!! And I love the signs of spring...does my heart and soul good.

    If you decorate the inside of these boxes, your birds will be the talk of the town!!

  7. I just laughed when I read that you might wallpaper the inside!! That would be a scream.

    Those white eggs remind me of Mourning Dove you have those there in Texas? The nest looks familiar, also...but I didn't think they ever left the eggs unattended. I can't wait to see what you discover.

    xo Rella

  8. Sharon~I LOVE the bird egg pictures! How perfect are those?
    And the blue bird house is way cool. Thanks for sharing~

  9. I would most definately wallpaper the insides of birdhouse. (one teensy tiny idea, prehaps wallpaper with old song sheets?Oh, I can hear them now, chirping, "O Sole' Mio")just found your site, looking forward to egg people paintings. wonderful stuff u do!

  10. My friend, tina, suggested that i visit you blog and i'm so glad that i have! you're such a gifted artist - i can't wait to really explore.
    wanted to tell you now much i love these pictures of the eggs in the nests - one of my passions - birds.
    i especially am drawn to the blue eggs in the blue house.
    wonderful!! jan

  11. Yea! you have a TANK~ everyone around that area has a POND~ love the eggs!! Awesome photo!

  12. longing for a new season filled with sunshine and blue skies.

    magical spring images!
    you managed without disturbing the owners ;))

  13. There is nothing like natural bird eggs in the spring time!...and the true colors of them!

  14. Lovely blue eggs!


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