Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Mail

More March Mail leaving Marlin for a Maven in Maryland.
This is my art-at-the-desk mail for today.
Did you know you can use a real feather as a stamp?
Yep, just press the feather on the stamp pad and then lay in onto your paper.
Then cover the feather with another piece of scrap paper so you can rub it.
Click on the picture and you can get a better view of the feather.
Did you send someone some mail yet?
Enough for now,


  1. Fabulous!!!! Love the feather hint.
    Come by faerieluna and read about 'enough' :)

    xo Rella

  2. Yep,I sent out 2 art mails. I would send more if I had more addresses. That's a neat feather trick.
    So you want to play cards.....
    check out my tricked out suitcase.

  3. Your mail is always so exciting Sharon, I have the packaging from previous swaps on the wall too.

  4. I made my envelope but haven't mailed it yet -- tomorrow is post office day!! I didn't know that about feathers -- that is so cool!

  5. Beautiful! I'll try the feather thing. I made my envelope, but didn't fill it up yet... I'm a bit slow (as you know) :-)

  6. Not yet but yours are gorgeous!

  7. Sharon - I want mail from you! This is so gorgeous - I can only imagine how excited someone will be to receive something so beautiful.

  8. I rec'd my art in the mail yesterday. I knew I had seen that enevelope before and then I realized who it was from. Thank you. The ART is terrific and what's inside too!! Gee, I think I may have a feather or two around somewhere to try stamping.

  9. Still innovations, it is a pleasure of walking on your premise and you have many talents. Fine friendships

  10. Yikes you are all so fast...I had to clean up my mess from yesterday today, I was not ready to make another one...I forgot!
    But tomorrow is another day!!!!!!
    I will get right to it.
    I will have to go out in the field and see if I can find a dead bird or at least his feathers...I love this stamp...no Birds will be killed for my art...TEE-HEE
    Love Ya, Mary


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