Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Dust

through my bird watching window
through my great room window

through the same window showing Tim's snow man
did you see my playhouse?


  1. I did see it! Is it yellow? We didn't get snow here, but did very close....=)

  2. Snow!! Beautiful photos. Is that your playhouse just past the gate? How fun!

    PS - I sent out that package yesterday.

  3. Very nice backyard by the way
    today in NJ is cold too

  4. I see your playhouse!!! And I wish that was all the snow we had here. "( It's snowing again and meant to drop quite a lot over the next few hours. I feel so for the birds!!

  5. Beautiful views!
    There are some possibilities opening right now in my future-to-be and I may have the similar view from the window of my house... I so wish it to come true! *^v^*

  6. do i see a pond in your garden? ;O
    it must be thrilling watching the view from your various windows during spring and summer.
    so don't forget to post some coming pictures sharon!!
    and yes i see your playhouse ;))

  7. Oh my, what do you do in your playhouse? I thought that yellow house was surely a neighbor? How cool.It snowed here, too but didn't stick. You're just an hour and a half northwest of us. wow. Love your sisters banner. And your mail art is to die --ummm-- hope for! hint hint. (No, actually I think I owe you some. eek.)


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