Friday, March 28, 2008


I have a really hard time not letting you know that it is Friday. Friday is so huge for me.

Have you guessed that I haven't actually painted anything for a while?

I plan to.
The rain gods are expected this weekend, I think.

I always take that as my permission to paint. Guilt free.

I have been trying real hard to balance my gardens with my art.

I think I have tipped the scale a little as I have been in the yard three evenings this week after five. Making progress.

I saw my first humming bird yesterday. This morning before leaving I put the feeder out. I always wonder if it is the same one from last year. How do they know that I will have that feeder hanging there for them?

I have noticed some changes that have happened to me. Now, I'm wondering when this happened. I'm wondering if it was gradual or all of a sudden. For example, boy you should see my sock drawer. It looks more like a tornado hit than like my neat little rows of perfectly sorted, color coded, folded, stacked socks. When I discovered this, I stood in stark amazement. The amazement was that my heart didn't start beating faster and I wasn't compelled to fix it.

I just shut the drawer and ran quickly to see if the same thing had happened in my pantie drawer. Yes, there it was. Panties in a pile. Quickly check the towels. NOOOOO, not the towels too.

The towels were good. I knew if the towels were not perfectly folded and stacked I was in deep trouble. I got to tell you though when I went to the kitchen I happened to notice that there were forks mixed with the spoons and large spoons mixed with soup spoons. I just took a breath and shut the drawer and wondered when this happened.

Enough for now,


  1. My panties are always in a pile, socks too!! So how does it feel?

    Looking for to some pics of your art work.

  2. We will pray for rain so as we can see some of your beautiful artwork

  3. How lovely to see that little Blue Bird. Our new box is out and we are hoping that we had it up in time.
    I am so proud of myself...I cleaned the studio today...I even managed to do some art. Now about my sock and pantie, no!!!! I won't go there ;>

  4. are you snooping in my house?
    i have very few orderly drawers .... and stray panties love being in the sock drawer.... and vice versa ... and don't let me get started on those unfoldable bras!

  5. Oh just have Spring fever! Who cares what the inside of your drawers look like? Just go with the flow and get back to painting! We are missing you. And no challenge for us this weekend?

  6. Well, so long as you remember to put your drawers ON every should not worry at are just changing priorities. Outside with the birds and garden should always win. Love the little birdie in your hand. They grow so fast!!!!

    xo Rella

  7. It's amazing. the older I get, the less need I have for perfection. and I like it. I am much more relaxed. focusing more on being creative has got to be a healthier way to live. look how much more relaxed your are!

  8. yikes! those gremlins are are your house tooo??? I keep finding butter kinves where they shouldn't be...I saw a Bluebird the other day, must get some nesting boxes made when hub gets his fence up, for we have NO trees on our place..

  9. I'm not worried about your drawers... but I keep thinking about the space under your bed. Is it still sparkling and waiting for visitors to look under? :-) Hope you found some time to paint...

  10. It's okay to not have everything in order. Life is way to short! It's about the memories we make, make them special! Enjoy!!! Hugs***Renea

  11. My undie drawer are very tossled...but you know, I can close that drawer and no one can see but
    Love the little blue birdie....

  12. Hi, I thought I was reading my own post...I am so pleased my towels in the cupboard are staying nice and rolled & stacked in colour order....and I am keeping to my plan to stay neat & orderly, it actually allows me a sense of peace and freedom to settle with my artwork somehow?...
    Thanks for sharing, I'm not alone...spooky...


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