Sunday, March 23, 2008

White Eggs

Remember these?
Five white eggs on March 2.
Turned out to be blue birds. This was taken last weekend.

This was taken today. I never knew blue birds laid white eggs.
But we watched the mom and pop feed them.
Mom and Pop watched from a nearby tree each with a bug waiting for me to take this picture.
Today, I needed to hold one. This top opening box of five is about a week younger than the side opening box of four in the previous post.


  1. Sharon thanks for sharing the development of the sweet birds with us
    Happy Easter

  2. All the pictures are amazing, but I can't get over the last one! What a precious little bird. The look in his eyes! Sweet, sweet, sweet! You are one lucky wingkeeper!

  3. THANK YOU! I've been looking for decent pictures of pinfeathers for ages to draw from (got a fledgling faerie character in my novel). Got any more? If you're willing to share my email is

  4. I so enjoyed reading and seeing your beautiful sweet birdies...all of the pictures are so amazing..


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