Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mail out Mail in

I made another mail-at-the-desk today for hand delivery. That's the top one. You know the fun thing about decorating envelopes is they don't have to be works of art. Just fun.

I also received a beautiful envelope from Suze today. I love it Suze, thank you very much. She sent some really cool little goodies inside. She sent me some hands! From her newspaper! Look at her stamp. Dang! I have been saying for the longest that I was going to order stamps from Zazzle. I wish I had already done that. Well, Norah'S March Mail Madness Month is not over with so maybe I will get that done.

Enough for now,


  1. You are going to make a lot of postal workers smile this month!
    Thanks for the new link, I'll go introduce myself to Suze.

    BTW, I'm having a little giveaway today, hope you and your friends stop by.


  2. What fun...I need to go out to buy some envelopes and now I need custom stamps...You certainly keep me busy.
    I will be showing my third painting either tomorrow or Saturday.
    I am having fun thanks to you :)

  3. Glad to hear you received my art mail. Thanks for the link up. I also linked you today....a co-winkie-dink.
    I got my new stamps a couple weeks ago when they had a sale. And now postage is going up again! I'll let you know when the next sale is.

  4. This is such pretty mail art! Ready for spring!

  5. Great mail art....I need to start doing some of that. And I love that stamp!!

  6. This is very beautiful !
    to me it is art
    and great idea to paint envelopes

  7. Sharon, your new banner is wonderful! I like it ALOT!

  8. Those address lables on your letters are SO pretty! Where did you have those made?

  9. I just love this, I had a busy day cut and so on, so mine is going to be done later...
    Hugs, Mary


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