Friday, February 27, 2009

Bird Box

watching and expecting.........

I don't expect more than 5 eggs. However I will be watching.

Thank you all so much for your encouragement about my new fun thing to do. I promise I will have more art tutorials soon.

Until then, I better get busy with this desk-work.

ps: sound track by wild birds and my rooster


  1. BeauTIfuL!!! I love the box and the 5 eggs! Expect is such a proper and appropriate word for this year!

  2. You picked the most perfect wallpaper. The little birds will be very happy. Love that we are able to follow the growth of the little family. And what an interesting little house shows in your movie... Wonder what that is... xo

  3. I didn't expect to see another egg,
    such a gift to see the house and eggs of that wonderful color. the sounds also I had to hear them again, that rooster a sound we don't hear as often as when I was a child.

    The white building in the trees, that is the sort of thing I am use to painting, as I find white structures in the landscape so charming, beautiful really.

    Then of course the collage and layering got me and trying to see if I could paint a woman that had some beauty. I learned a lot from all this trying. Ones brain needs the stimulation and that is a gift from you, the stimulation to try,
    and certainly I have always thought that expect was an important word in my life, expect success and certainly it is more certain.

  4. Watching the eggs- the beautiful blue - is so exciting. By the way - Where are the parents? I would love to see them also.

  5. Now that is my definition of MAGIC!

  6. That is so very sweet!!

  7. just have to say....I love your movies and tutorials and art...


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