Sunday, April 19, 2009

Her Truth

Her Truth
16 X 20 canvas
I'm still working on my weekend list.
I expect you are too.


  1. Stunning!
    "she walked round and round and round her own solitary path...

    sounds like a journey I am familiar with, my friend.

    Love to you xox Rella

  2. Sharon, this is so beautiful the art and the words so beautiful!

  3. Oh wow! What a color! And the swirly wing... Beautiful lady with very amazing words. xo

  4. this is my favorite of all your work I have seen. It is beautiful, i am stunned. Your work is a source of inspiration. Greeting and admiration from Norway.


  5. What a beautiful painting. The colors are so pretty...and I love the words.

  6. I love your background - the swirls and diamonds echoing themselves over and over. Stunning!

  7. Sharon,

    This is really beautiful, I love colors and the spirals and the entire package.


  8. Good morning Sharon:

    This is a lovely piece of art work and there is such a story with it that is visable yet leaves me with a lot to imagine about a person's journey. To me it really speaks of life's experience.

    I find it interesting in this type of painting how the feeling we are having about our place in this time seem to come out despite the
    just sitting down to do some art work. Those internal words somehow come flowing right into the work.

    There is also a lot of joy in the painting with the color, such stimulation with all the circles in life. So much to see and so many thoughts to process as I looked. I was feeling particularily pensive anyway after spending a day with family, I had heard a lot of stories of rounds in life yesterday and then to see the work of your weekend gave me a bit of a jolt.

    I had taken some of my work along to show relatives at this gathering, people wondered why I had changed what I do so you were talked about as my influence. IF you had a bit of a nose itch that is probably the cause.

    I will be back to view this several times today. It so speaks to just where I am on this day in April.


  9. Hi Sharon,
    She is gorgeous!!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. It's so funny how we all can get a personal viewpoint of a piece of art. Many of us coming here seem to have been personally touched by this.
    I saw your piece and I felt totally and literally struck by your words as well as your art. Tears immediately sprang into my eyes. How did she know, I thought? This has been my journey alone,no one else's. I have literally dreamed my memories.
    But then I realized that you were speaking of a whole, not a specific. And now I have stopped shaking.
    Really good work, Sharon, really good work.

  11. hi, sharon. beautiful piece! thanks for sharing.

    i have a surprise waiting for you on my blog. ;-D

  12. oh wow!!! I come by from Fannie's blog and want to say hello!!!

  13. Another sister using that beautiful serviette. I love how the spirals/swirls have formed her wing... I didnt expect that!

    The words are very appropriate with all of those wonderful spirals.

    Jacky xox

  14. Lovely and very poetic.

    My Sister Box arrived and I love it. Thanks! I have it sitting here beside the computer.

    Check your e-mail, I sent a message but I recall we had problems with communications awhile ago.


  15. Thank you for sharing this. She is beautiful! Love seeing the little birdies too.


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