Sunday, April 26, 2009

Something New part two

Oh come on, you know I have to show how I got here. Even if I can't tell how. The canvas was ready with lots of heavy texture made by pushing various things into molding paste....weeks ago. Texture intimidates me. The new paints were challenging. I told you they were transparent. I confess that I did use a little Golden's Paynes Gray liquid as I love to do and the rest is Studio. Oh yes and a little bit of napkin.

Expect a great week,

Edit: Had to add one more thing.....and of course you had to see it. I think it kinda holds them all together.


  1. WOW! You jumped right out of the box. Was Norah drinking? I love it. I love the bright colors and the textures.

  2. I love the textured pieces that you add to your gives it so much more interest. Just beautiful!

  3. Love the texture! They new paints do look like fun. Love the almost kalidescope effect.

  4. Love this!!! I like using Studio paints but don't use them all the time. The colors in this painting are wonderful!!

  5. I love textures, but they intimidate me too. You did a great job with the textures on this painting. The whole ptg is unique and wonderful with the 3 ladies. Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Oh my gosh. I'v been looking at these individual pieces on Flickr and you have absolutely blown me away with the final picure. Norah, this is brilliant and beautiful and so original!

  7. YES! to the butterfly. It does seem to anchor everything.


  8. Very fun - thanks for sharing what you like and don't like.

    The butterfly is a great anchor - in color, shape and realism.

  9. Good afternoon, having a frantic morning of running in place, a lot of movement but getting no where.

    I had to smile, I had looked at your new work and then ran to put things in the dryer. I thought of you in all different postions looking at the eggs in a bird house. This was afer I thought of how we are all people looking for somthing and the different ways we try to find it. Sometimes we put on a different face for a certain situation. We look different for work, social, home, family, voice can even change.

    The painting gave me a thrill, and certainly said don't be afraid.

    Of course I am always facinated by how did she do that, where have I seen that pattern in everyday life.
    I remember years ago teching basic watercolor and helping people understand how the medium works on their paper. When they would leave and have a wet palette they would cover it with saran wrap, the next time they came and took that wrap off there was a beautiful pattern on the plate, I was inexperienced with these kind of tricks of creativity. I didn't know that the wrap drying in the paint colors would form this abstract design. In the next classes we did this and found it to be so much fun. Of course now everyone knows this, but I still like to do it in floral paintings or winter scenes. To get to the point the testure is this painting is wonderful.

    BTW I do know that everything we create in life doesn't have to have a deeper meaning it can just be for beauty's sake.

    We have green grass and flowers, it is spring in the north.


  10. Sharon.
    Thanks for the comments on why I may like these paints, one reason is I sometimes cover up good things of interest in a painting,
    one works hard to make an interesting background and then if it could show through an added color that I put in the painting for reasons not always clear to me, except if have this color there it has to be someplace else also for m satisfaction, then two places don't seem right, 3 would be better. To save a glow that one purposely put in an area would be good for me with these paints. I do use my watercolors and I use the watercolor pencils also for hints of color or in a gap that I feel should be filled. I always think this painting is like medicaiton, more is not always better. IF I think of another addition tho and can't get it out of my mind and I keep seeing how I hope it would be in the completion I have to do it.

    I am panning a trip to art supply soon. The list is getting longer, or I could order on line also as I have a list for that also.

    You have given me more to think about.

    I should say I didn't want to be annoymous in the beginning I just didn't know how else to post, I even put a photo in my profile but did something wrong, the photo is there but does not show. I haven't tried in a while to make a effort in my posts, you know who I am.


  11. I don't know how you (or your muse) know...but it just wasn't "it" until the butterfly showed up! Then, everything came your wonderful way. Pat

  12. Yes, the butterfly finishes the canvas. Working outside the box! With such great result. I'm not sure if I will ever leave my box but I will enjoy your adventures in the world outside.

  13. Well, this is definitely a little different than what you normally produce. It kind of freaks me out a bit! lol

    I really like the detailed opinions you are giving on the studio paints. I look forward to hearing more.


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