Monday, April 13, 2009


You know at the end of the day...........things might get a little silly. But we sure had fun. That was Saturday at my Junk Paper Journal Workshop. I didn't manage to get many photos but at the end I pulled out my little Flip and here you are. I'm sorry a few were not in there spot and so I didn't get everybody.

The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie where the workshop was held is unbelievable. You just cannot imagine the line of products that Carolyn stocks. I took my friend Susan with me and after one quick stroll through she said, "I think I'm in heaven"......and mumbled something about glad she had her credit card.

Carolyn schedules various fun classes on Saturdays and you can look at the "event" page at her web site to check that out. One event coming up in a couple of weeks that Susan and I hope to go back for is the Canvas and Metal Art class given by Cheryl Darrow of TENseconds studio. What a fun person Cheryl is.

Thank you Carolyn and Sherri for having me on your event schedule. I hope I get to come back soon......maybe with a face painting class.
Announcing winners of the Gift Boxes.
I called my grandson, Tim and ask him to generate a number between 1 and 45.
He generated #37
Cheryl ZanyMayd @ 9:23
I ask my friend to generate a number.
She generated #23
see you there @10:15
I ask another friend to generate a number between 1 and 20.
She generated #17
debbie @ 5:52
And there you have the three winners. I just want to say, I so enjoyed hearing from all you and reading about your Easter plans. That was fun. Thank you.
Expect me around soon,


  1. Ok, Sharon....junk paper! It was such fun seeing all these girls having FUN and, on my!..all that paper on the tables to run hands through and play had to be a great day! And, I am learning...we can't throw a thing away these days! Thanks for sharing. Pat

  2. What fun you gals had!!! I can't beleive you got Cindy on your little flip..she's sooo camera shy..

  3. Oh, Sharon! This looks like so much fun! Wish I could have been there with all you beautiful ladies, playing in the paper pile. I'm glad you started making videos. Thanks so much for sharing. You are a sweetheart. :)

  4. Squeeeeel! Can I get any happier?

    Thanks to your friend for "generating" my number and to you having this giveaway.


  5. Hi Sharon! I'm so excited that I will be receiving one of your boxes! I love your art and will really cherish your gift. Thank you!

  6. Sharon,

    The class looked like so much fun and that store, oh my what a place that must be. I was peaking in the background and it looked like a shoppers paradise.


  7. oh my!!! I want to make one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is pounding!

  8. hi sharon,
    i can see and hear how much fun was had making the junk paper journals - they are my favorite kind of bookmaking pages too, isn't life sweet?!!

  9. Oh how funny. I just finished making something like this yesterday! I didn't bind it yet,as I'm going to use a Bind-it-all the kids gave me for Christmas and I don't have the right size rings. I thought it would be small, but I kept adding pages! I'll post pics when I bind it.

  10. I am smiling this morning as I think about the junk paper journalks. I see that lately I am looking and looking at paper, a whole new way to look and see things of possibilities. I have saved papers for ages, before I even starting collage in a serious manner. So much like my mother who lived in the depression era and saved things like that, of course for different reasons. Things looked special tho tied up in brown paper or used paper with strings that had been saved. These things has intrigue also.

    I did drop by to say how much the word EXPECT has impacted my thoughts during the day, it is therpy and I think as we encounter our problems and successes we need to use EXPECT. It gives me much
    motivation. I have always had those feelings, just never put that great word into the thought process. Emelie

  11. Oh MAN! This looks like it would have been SO much to attend - wish I could have been there. Thank you for sharing the experience through the lens!!

  12. Hi Sharon, looks like you had a great time! How lucky for winners.
    I am from Beaumont. I now live in Colorado. As I was growing up, I remember our summer drivr trips to Texas and that town rings a bell. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Sharon~have you ever thought of teaching a class online on this? I would love to learn how to put one together...but alas, no classes out here in cowpattyland!!!
    Can you give us a some guidance on where to start?? I've got tons of paper, wallpaper...etc.etc..How do I bind it together??
    Thanks for all you do! Your Blog is one of my all time FAVS!!

  14. Congrats to the winners...lucky girls!
    The class looks like too much fun. My junk mail class is this week and I am really looking forward to it after seeing yours. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Thank YOU Sharon. I like my book/journal and hope to add a lot more to it as I go.

  16. Hi, Sharon! Thank you SO MUCH for your beautiful blog and your generosity in sharing your work and techniques! You and your work are such an inspiration to all of us - thank you! Haven't been to Waxahachie in about...oh, 30 years or more - just the word makes me homesick for Texas...
    THANK YOU, too, for looking at my blog and taking the time to leave a message for me! I'm still so new at this that I just now found it :) and you can't know how much that meant to me! I put my "How To Cook A Wolf" collage on my blog, and now I've added a few more little things. More to come soon! Now I want to try EVERYTHING! So many art supplies, so little time :)

  17. Yes, I'm not usually one for the camera...ewwwwww. LOL. But the class was a BLAST. I'm so happy with my little junk book, I posted about it today. Such fun and lovely techniques. Thanks again Sharon for a great class.


  18. i have just discovered your art in somerset apprentice- I love it.

  19. Junk paper journal classes look fantastic Sharon, such fun...thanks for sharing the video with us. Those girls made some beautiful journals!!!

  20. This was a real treat, you know that I love all that you do.
    We are all winners because you share...Mary

  21. Lovin all them flippin video, you're a star!!!


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