Thursday, April 23, 2009

Expecting again

We are expecting again. I checked the boxes while on my Sunday afternoon walk.
We have new residents.
And did you know that the normal incubation time is 17 days after the first egg.
These babies are ready to fly and I know that because I tried to hold one and she flew.
I chased her in the pasture and put her back in the box.

These babies probably hatched three to five days before this photo.
We also have a little brown house wren that has taken up residence in one of the boxes.
However, she has filled the box with nesting material and I cannot see her eggs.
We have seven boxes in all.
Expect birds singing today,


  1. Thank you Sharon! I love to learn something new! It is wonderful to see this! You make a good guardian and shelter provider!

  2. They are so cute!!
    The nest picture with the eggs is awesome, love it Sharon.
    The color of the eggs, beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Laura.

  3. Isn't new life wonderful? Babies of any species make me smile.


  4. wow, sharon! you have continuous inspiration right outside your door. awesome! thanks for sharing.

  5. Oooooooh! How fun! Those eggs are the prettiest blue. I love spring!

  6. I love the baby bird pics! Your blog is always fun to visit.

  7. How beautiful! Amazing photos - great angle.
    What are the 'boxes', did you make them?

  8. How exciting, baby birds again. Arent those eggs the most exquisite colour?

    Thanks for sharing....

  9. Sharon, I love the photos of the birds. I really like chickadees too.

  10. Such beautiful little birds, we have the chickadees also, so quick with their pivoting around the feeders. Ihave never seen their nest till now. Thanks so much.

    Been busy painting trying to keep my busy nead in control so not to have a busy painting. You do such beauty without all the distraction.
    I want some summer angels, I did some with tulip petels for wings but of course it got very colorful.
    "Just one more thing" is not always a good motto. Empty space is OK. Just talking to myself on your blog.


  11. How wonderful to watch the cycle of life!! Thank you for sharing from the eggs till they leave the nest.

  12. The photos tell the beautiful and sweet. Am curious about the boxes?? And I spy the 'expect' surrounding those eggs, like another layer of protection for them.
    This post left me FULL of calm.

  13. I amazes me how quickly baby birds feather and grow, so very fast. Lovely photos you have captured.

  14. Birds always nest in the window boxes on my patio and porch, and I get to watch the babies grow close-up. In fact, our newest birdies just flew their nest on Wednesday. Your photos are wonderful!


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