Thursday, April 09, 2009

Gift Box Making

Knob Angels can also be Box Angels.
So, here is what I'm going to do:
You watch the Gift Box Making show
and then
leave me a comment about something
how many eggs you expect to color
how many you expect to hide
how many you expect for Sunday dinner
how much chocolate you expect to eat
how much fun you expect gift box making to be
just leave me a comment
the next time I post something
I will have a drawing
the winners will get one of these little boxes in the mail.

And that's how one thing always leads to another with me.


Thank you Tammy Lee, for including me in the Etsy Treasury today. What a great compliment.

Now, please don't expect me back until maybe late in the weekend. But do leave your words and wish and expect to win.



  1. What a cute idea! I love your little boxes! I will have to watch the video again, and make notes so I can try one. For Easter, I think we'll have a nice prime rib!! YUM!! Thanks for all you do! Your artwork is FAB!

  2. Great tutorial on that box...
    I hope you have a Wonderful Easter!
    All of my family are in NC, but the weather is suppose to be good here in Florida this weekend, so hubby and I will be riding the motorcycle to some of our favorite little places to eat...

  3. How cute the little boxes are and then seeing your art work on them was even better. I may have to have a day making boxes to put little treasures in for gift giving. Thank you for sharing your ideas and your techniques with everyone.

  4. Hi Sharon. I love these boxes, I have made them with a fabric top. I love the idea of your art being printed on the top. Easter will be a bit quiet this year. Part of the family will have to work! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.

  5. I have 20 eggs to hide for my two children and hubby. I will wake up early Sunday morning and place them around the house and yard. Finding them is an all-day affair!

    Love these boxes.

  6. Sharon, You won't believe this, but a friend and I have been discussing making boxes...and I DID make two, but, not using this method...I like your way and love that you decorate the box...and gosh, what a great "decoration.' I also like that you add a little something extra as a decoration inside the box. A quiet Easter little no eggs. Well, I might have some chocolate eggs for the two chocoholic men who will be here...husband and father-in-law!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter and thanks for the video...LOVE what you are teaching us these days! Pat

  7. That is the sweetest little gift box and so clever !!!
    Thanks for sharing, your artwork looks so lovely on the box.
    My kids are too old now, I have to wait for grandchildren to hide eggs. I loved hiding easter eggs.LOL.
    I expect to eat lots of turkey and cranberries.
    Happy Easter, Sharon.
    Thanks for sharing, such a gift to us.

  8. Hi Sharon! Thanks for the great video on the cute little boxes. They would be great for gifts. I'm having my family for lunch on Sunday. Expecting 20 and everyone brings a dish. I have a giant basket full of eggs with candy to hide for the kids to hunt if the weather is good. It's always a great day with the family.

  9. Like sue K I will have to watch it again with a pencil to ensure that i get things correctly. No chocolate for me. But we are having a nice turkey dinner here with 12 members of family which I am looking forward to. Have a great easter to your family

  10. I love your tutorials!

    As for eggs, I don't plan to color any 'cause there are no kids around to enjoy them, same with hiding eggs, zilch, nada, zip! There will be just me and HB for Easter dinner. Now as for chocolate, well, that number might me unlimited as to how much I expect to eat!! Can you say "Gobble, Gobble"....oops, that's another holiday!!

  11. what fun! those little boxes are adorable, especially with your beautiful work on them.

    my husband's family has a big family reunion at our family lake house on easter. we usually have about 100 people, tons of kids and a huge easter egg hunt through the woods. it's great fun! hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Excellent Tute. Thanks for sharing.

  13. sharon, i love your videos and your generosity in producing them. one can glean even small things from them when you aren't even expecting this. thank you. we are having 17-22 for easter. i'm fixing up a scavenger hunt for the kiddo's. happy easter to you. wanda

  14. very clever boxes ... and lovely gorgeous too ....
    we've been eating jelly beans here ...
    our favorites are sweet tart jelly beans ....
    we went to the zoo today ...
    my kids don't have school friday or monday ...
    we blew and colored more than a dozen eggs so far ...

    happy weekend!

  15. Sharon,
    I love your little gift boxes...and the video was great! I'm definitely going to save and use that one! tfs
    Happy Easter,

  16. Sharon, I can't wait to try the little boxes! Thank you so much for doing the videos. Easter plans are still up in the air but I will be hunting for eggs tomorrow afternoon with my mom at her nursing home. Then I'm making ice cream sundaes for the ladies on her (Alzheimer's) wing. They always love that! Have a wonderful Easter!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  17. I love your boxes and your girls are always pretty! My 2 kids and their spouses are coming for dinner, and 1 grandson, makes 7 of us for Easter. I hope you have a Happy Easter!!

  18. Hi Sharon! Thank you for the video....I EXPECT that I will be making at least of two of these little boxes and filling them with sweet chocolate for my sweet husband...and of course me!

  19. I am so late with comments, I had an 8 hour drive for family funeral yesterday and many hours of people to talk to.

    Now that I see your knob angels I know taht I saw many of them at the funeral, it is a huger family with many various looking people, as I sat there I saw the angels all around. At the time I didn't know they were knob angels, but I
    thought Sharon's lovelys are here today.

    I don't have my Easter head on with this huge distraction that came upon me. I do EXPEXT to find some carmel eggs however today as I shop for Easter. I also EXPECT
    to have some good cooking ideas, and that is difficult with painting in my head instead. I have a pretty large painting going of a woman in a dotted dress and a dotted glove to her lips. I want to go and connect the dots to complete my painting. I do love dotted things.

    I did not EXPECT someone to drop of
    darling cats in my yard, so I have Easter cats to worry over.

    My mind is cluttered. Emelie

  20. Sharon,

    I love the little video you did. You are talking more confidently so I could hear you better, The box is wonderful I hope I win.

  21. Nice tutorial. Lovely little boxes with your always wonderful artwork on them.

    I expect we will have 2 for dinner as the kids will be at in-laws. And our dinner will be some form of precooked chicken from grocery as we are in the middle of kitchen re-do and there is no place to cook! No colored eggs this year, either.

  22. How cool is that ! I am not even close to figuring out PS to rotate a photo, but I can glue on in the center, LOL!

    The kids want to eat at a Hamburger restaurant for Easter because of my surgery on Monday, so it is a Max meal for Easter Dinner...( hope my Nana is not listening from Heaven cause we were raised on a large feast).

    Glad Påsk!

  23. Happy Easter. I've made similar boxes using old greeting cards but never using my own art. I really have to get acquainted with Photo Shop. Or... dare I say I EXPECT to learn to use Photo Shop?

    Thanks again for the gift of time and talent that went into this tutorial.

  24. What a great idea.
    and there will be alot of plastic eggs hidden in my mom's front yard-by the kids for our adult egg hunt-eggs have $$ in them. we like to push each other out of the way to get to the eggs, just because we can and it's fun~

  25. Heia!
    The gift boxes are super sweet, I'll try one too. In Easter we have many yellow eggs. Thanks for the great video. Happy Easter.

  26. I have watched every one of your videos and they are sooo inspiring.
    Each time, I know I need to leave a comment and let you know how much I appreciate you taking the
    time to let us see your art in the making. Have a Happy Easter!!
    And, thank you. Would love to have a box of yours. Mary Ann

  27. Those origami boxes are simply darling! I was never able to fold them so precisely as you did. And I never though of using printed paper! Brilliant, as usual. As for eggs and chocolate... I celebrate to Easters (this week and next week) so I'll have double the fun! xoxoxo

  28. Those origami boxes are simply darling! I was never able to fold them so precisely as you did. And I never though of using printed paper! Brilliant, as usual. As for eggs and chocolate... I celebrate to Easters (this week and next week) so I'll have double the fun! xoxoxo

  29. Very nice. I love your artwork. The eyes on your paintings are just stunning. Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter!

  30. The little boxes are a great idea and your paintings make them extra special. I have enjoyed your videos very much--hope you will continue them!

  31. Your tutorials are so fabulous. I love this wee box and it will make a perfect place for a sweet treasure. I now need to get to printing and cutting my 5" square. My question is this....does each one fit over the other to have a lid or was this an open box. It looked in your photo it was the top and a bottom. Maybe I missed something!

  32. LOVE your things as usual! The boxes are a super idea.
    For eggs to color...or family is coming. I always had the big Easter dinner back East....chocolate? I plan to eat tons and drown my sorrow!
    I will stay in the studio and pretend it's not a family holiday. I am just thankful we didn't lose our home with all the fires last night.
    Happy Easter to you and Norah!!

  33. Beautiful boxes.... what treasures for your Easter Eggs and chocolates.

    As for Easter eggs, I dont expect many this year as the family are all away. I am having a lovely quiet time at home with paints and fabrics and catching up with family and friends tomorrow for lunch.

    Have a Happy Easter Sunday and thanks for another wonderful tutorial.

    Jacky xox

  34. Hi Sharon
    Loving your tutorials!!Thanks
    The Easter Bunny will hide eggs all around the backgarden here in Australia! My daughter has a friend for a sleepover as she is an only child and has never experienced Easter with other children! So it will be extra special for all of our family with this precious little one here
    They are still awake at 10pm excitedly awaiting the Easter Bunny's delivery!
    By the way Sharon - a question - my daughter asked "where does the easter bunny live? I guess he would live with Santa!!
    Hugs and happy easter
    Marelle (australia)

  35. I am so sad I missed the video on making the little boxes.......We already had our Easter Egg Hunt and hide around 800. This was for an animal shelter event. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun....pat

  36. hi, sharon. another wonderful video tutorial. thanks for your continued generosity.

    happy easter to you and your family.

  37. Maybe you saw my blog post about this awhile ago-

    Nice video!

    Happy Easter.


  38. That was Wonderful ~ Thanks for Sharing....

  39. We have our chocolates now Sharon, we're a day ahead of you time wise. The grand children came over for an Easter egg hunt, I don't know who had the most fun, us or them. I also have a give away on my blog.

  40. What gorgeous boxes!!! I think I'll probably have a couple of deviled eggs for Easter dinner and may a few M&M's as a treat as I'm on a diet.

    Happy Easter!

  41. Just stopping by via a website you were linked from, that I work for, and have to say, I think you wrote your profile for ME!! lol Very neat to "meet" you!!

  42. Happy Easter to you . I didnt eat any eggs today but had a nice day anyways . i love your work and will check out the box video . I just found your blog today .
    Robin krieger

  43. I always love to see what you will do next! I hope you had a happy Easter!

  44. those were really cute boxes. I'm looking forward to making one. That will be a great project with my daughters who love making gifts for family and friends. As far as eggs, we expect to have plenty of chocolate covered ones!

  45. Had to stop by and say good morning, hope you had a fine Easter. We did here with one daughter.

    Wnated to tell you that I promote your work each and everyday to friends and family. One reason is the beauty of your work but the other of course is people wonder about my sudden excitement in new projects that are so different from my usual paintings. It seems to me at times folks feel more comfort in each other's sameness.

    I was by your blog several other times and visit flicker as I like to study lips and eyes plus the placement of facial features.
    Also find it interesting to study space on a painting as to what is in the space that adds beauty to the work. Shapes of things that are complimentary to each other are always of interest to me also.
    Your subjects and enhancements never fight with each other.

    Have a week of nonstress. Emelie

  46. I've been making boxes too - well, not really making boxes, more like arting all over boxes that are already made. It's so much fun! Gotta watch that box making video.



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