Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Birthday

............my friend Carolynn

..........and my Daughter in law too. Same birthdays.


  1. I'm sending a Happy Birthday wish to your friend and your daughter-in-law too!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, my goodness, what lovely gifts!!!

  2. these are lovely!

  3. I have been reading your blog for awhile now. Didn't realize right away I was reading the famous napkin artist that was published in cloth paper scissors. Your art is very beautiful and I am equally enjoying your videos. Your art is just so fun. Check out my blog
    at www.anotherartfullday.blogspot.com
    The new design I just finished
    called Dreams has a bit of inspiration from your spiral how to video! or is it sprial.. :)
    thanks for sharing your art!
    xoxoo linda

  4. How lovely, it is great having birthdays.(not getting older,LOL)
    I hope both ladies enjoy their special day.
    Your gift is just "so pretty".
    Hugs, Laura.
    Sharon, you are a gift to us.
    Love what you do.

  5. A beautiful gift and box. What a wonderful surprise it will be, and such joy to receive. By the way your spiraling was so fun and thank you for showing us another wonderful addition to our playing.
    Brenda (nevertoolatetohavefun.blogspot.com/)

  6. Love that box! It's so cute. I'm having a little give away. I hope you can stop by!

  7. Gorgeous! Carolynn is a lucky girl!

  8. So fun to see your birthday gifsts ready to give. You are an arranger, You arrange pretty things that draw people. It really is fun to arrange and the changing of just one thing can make all the difference. It feels so good to have it come together.

    Flowers, ribbons, color from beautiful artistic creations make me feel good also, is work to have the house look like a house and not a shop as all those fine visuals gave me pleasure.

    You are not the Lone Arranger.

  9. The packaging alone is a delightful gift.


  10. hi, sharon! my birthday is in november . . . hint, hint . . . hah! lovely gift for carolynn.

  11. I love your art and thank you for being so generous in sharing your process and ideas with the videos!


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