Monday, April 06, 2009

Wallflowers Again

wall flowers
stood gazing
so tall
and still
standing quiet
shy as a bird
their wings
like lace
........signed now, by Sharon Tomlinson


  1. Hi Sharon:

    Lovely words and suit them perfectly, I have come by to look at them so often.

    I wanted to use osme of the lovely papers I have purchased, I thought of doing "Mother Earth" maybe her daughters with her, I didn't go with my map paper aferall, I used some very busy colorful paper, my usband said they look like all the aunts that visited when he was a child.

    I do a scetch of my idea then hardly pay any attention to it when I start. How silly is that?

    I also learned something else, I was in a hurry with a garden clipping from a book, I adhered it with gesso so I could use the gesso that came out around the edges to blend the clipping, after a bit I decided I had placed it in the wrong area and picked up the edge to move it. The printing of some lilys on the back side stayed on the piece of art work. A nice line drawing, plus I still had my butterfly to place in another area.
    This was a painting of women who were so glad they didn't join the "Garden Club".

    Hope your weekend was just right.
    If not EXPECT better.

    I also learned that when I print a painting and there is a doily design in it if I make the painting slightly longer than the original the doily takes on a side view, the perspective looks different and even longer faces can be OK. As my husband would say,
    "Why such a Long Face",


  2. Wow Sharon, this is amazing. I could look at it all day long!

  3. To die for, my friend!!!! As always, lovely, beautiful, inspiring, and FUN! Pat

  4. Thank you for sharing they are gogeous;o)

  5. They are beautiful! I had missed seeing your inspirational posts. Expecting more!

  6. So pretty and I love the saying.
    Hugs, Mary

  7. Loved it before the words, now it is even better. Such pretty wallflowers.


  8. Beautiful Sharon!
    So fun and INSPIRATIONAL!

    Have a wonderful week.
    PS Come on over and check out my 400th post giveaway when you have a chance.


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