Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No 9 Your so Fine

I had to finish this one today. 
Early this morning, I made a video for a little intro to One Hundred Faces for the Facebook group.
I haven't made a video since November 2012!
And I was afraid I had forgotten how. 
It is a bit raw but I remembered how. 

Face No 9
She is in the same row as No 7 and is a little easier to paint because the size is a tad larger. 

We have been having wonderful weather here the last few days and I have been working in the attic at the Garden Palace. 
I nearly have it ready to install a floor over the rafters. 
I have officially evicted the furry monsters.
Of course, I will have to stay on top of that to show their relatives that they are not welcome either.


  1. So glad to see this and that you are still painting! BTW I am still your fan :) ManonX

  2. I saw your video last night...it was good to see you again. One Hundred Faces...great project. I would love to follow along :)
    Thank you for your visit...I answered your question about what we use for feed...I am trying to comment on comments...like the old days BFFB :)


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