Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Garden Palace Morning Glory Room

Morning Glory Painting
Artist Unknown
I am ready to start working on Garden Palace projects other than the cleaning which is going well. 
Close up Morning Glory Painting
 My first project is this beautiful morning glory painting.
It is very old and there is no signature anywhere on it. 
It is a very unusual triptych. 
Center section - Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
 As you can see, there is irreversible damage.
 Left Side - Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
 I'm not wanting to restore it.
I just want to clean it and do something that will stop the deterioration. 
Right Side - Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
 It was in this condition when I purchased it.
Morning Glory Painting - Artist Unknown 
I had to have it anyway.
No one else would have wanted it.
I knew in my soul it was meant for me and my Garden Palace.
Stained Glass Window in Morning Glory Room
 I found it after I had already stenciled this room 
Stained Glass Window in Morning Glory Room
 and made these stained glass windows.
So you can see how perfect the painting is. 
I knew I would regret it forever if I had walked away from it. 
Clay Pot and Wooden Plaque
I also glazed this pot for the morning glory room.
I will tell you more about the plaque when the time comes to hang it. 

So, if anyone has any thoughts about how and what I should do to the morning glory painting, I would appreciate your comments. 
I'm sure it was painted with oils. 


  1. I have a similar problem with an old painting I still have and never fixed. Just a thought but with your knowledge and feel for layers on your quilts, maybe a piece of stained fabric to sort of match the background, with some kind of writing (your heart for this piece?) barely tacked onto the front where the large hole is. I would glue or adhere a piece of muslin onto the back pulling the lose piece into place and up to the front first. Not sure just a thought...it is lovely!! And maybe no repair except to the back adding a piece to cover the holes in back....I rather like the shabby look of many years in it. Look forward to your every post!!

    1. Oh oh oh! I'm afraid that I would have never thought of "altering" this original.....You have sparked inspiration for sure! I too love the oldness of it showing. And I could just leave it as it except the paint is flaking off so badly. Yesterday I did some research and found a lot of really good information (some really bad too). The best is from Scott M. Haskins at http://www.fineartconservationlab.com/
      Very professional, knowledgeable and sharing on YouTube videos. I'm sure I will share what ever I do. But you have surely added another layer (pun intended) to my thoughts about what to do.

      I mean think of altering old books....that's where my brain went to.

  2. I am sorry I haven't any knowledge about restoration. I do have to say though, that I can see why you purchased it Sharon, how could you not...even it's failings add beauty to this piece! and how wonderful to create in your labor of loved studio palace!

    1. Yes is was meant for this shabby old shack (dh calls it a shack). I forgot to say in the post that I think it is an 'over door' painting. I think I remember the dealer telling me that and is fits with the way it is framed. It is all one canvas that is framed as a triptych that I can see would match up with door and sidelights.

  3. Dear Sharon - do you know how to repair torn canvas'?
    I do know how if you would like me to send you the steps. It's most rewarding. I know you don't want to alter the original art piece. But you might have to do some touch ups where the tears have been healed. Let me know. I've fixed one or two of my own that got damaged in a move. They were also oils and they are as good as new.

    They are absolutely beautiful pieces and I can see why they called your name! Truly beautiful!

    Love Jeannie

    1. Hi Jeannie, I'm gathering all I can find before doing whatever I end up doing. The thing is I'm pretty fearless and will try anything.

  4. What a beautiful work of art, I'm sure you will lend it some new life. The frame itself is amazing.



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