Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Sleeping-Under Ceremony

The Sleeping-Under Ceremony
I have been obsessed with stitching

Mostly because sitting in the chair under this beautiful cloth and just stitching is a very good cold weather pastime activity. 

And the other reason is, I can see that I might finish this before I die. 

Although, there is a lot left to stitch, the quilt stitching on the topside is now finished.

Before adding the songbirds to the summer side of the jungle, we had a ceremonial sleeping-under it a couple of night this week. It (the ceremony) was pretty low key. I just ask, "do you want to do this?" He said "OK". We did. It felt good.♥ 


  1. Beautiful, Sharon....... Such rich color........ I started a quilt when I was pregnant with my first child..... She is now 54....... I am working like a mad women to finish it...... Don't know why I never finished it is all hand done in the grandmas flower garden pattern....... Love seeing what you are working on....

  2. Thanks Janie, I must check out grandmas flower garden pattern. I'm thinking it is hexagons. Yes yes, do get going on it. She will probably appreciate it more now than if you had finished years ago. I'm hoping to make one for each of my grandchildren. But I can't take as long on the next three as I have on this one. I'm working toward a spring finish on Tim's cloth.


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