Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time to reveal

 Many of you have already guessed that my inspiration is Modigliani.

But you did not guess the format.
And since you did not know the format, you couldn't know that it is inspired by a fabulous, eccentric, artist.
I just recently learned about Hundertwasser (12-15-1928/02-19-2000). 
Was I the last to discover him? 
Oh man, I have already spent hours  enjoying his web site and have only managed to see a small fraction. 
The thing I find so interesting: with most of his works his own comments about the work is right there with the image. 
A lot of details that you would never know. 

One Hundred Faces
36 x 12 wood
The piece that inspired my format is #134 Ninty-Nine Heads.

I have much more to share about this but for today, I'm out of time. 
Face No 7


  1. wonderful work Sharon, Annette x

  2. these are amazing, to say the least, Looking forward to the next installment. I am reading his life story at the moment and have managed to purchase the dvd as well so Jeanne Marie and I will be watching soon. I have some beautiful calendars with his work on as well. I did one for my Diary with black fabric as a substrate. Keep Creating, special Lady we will keep watching and be inspired, you take us down many wonderful roads. Lots of Love Heather B Cape Town XX

  3. so contagious madam! I will post my next 2 and paint one or two more's not like I've taken on anything else like misty's class and studying with the masters class...but your idea is such a quick study for learning so much and I do thank you, doggone it! ;)

  4. eek...forgot to say that I LOVE this face!


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