Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hello Mister

Not much to say about this fella other than he is another tiny face of about 3/4 inch wide.

And he is my "nod" to Hundertwasser, artist.

My board does have places for larger faces but for some reason,
I'm wanting to learn the lessons that await me in all the tiny spaces. 

I suppose the other reason is I don't want to be distracted with a larger face watching me paint the smaller ones. 

So far, I haven't been inspired to go there. 
To the left side where the challenges becomes something different. 

Yesterday when my time to paint came,
I just had to paint this one.
Face No 12 My nod to Hundertwasser

(copy and past from Google search below)


    1. I LOVE this face! It's fabulous and I love Hundertwasser also--his art is so colorful and interesting.

    2. What a delight to paint this! it is so great to continue stretching in so many ways! such fun and such learning Sharon...I thought I might be bored this winter, HA, thanking you again and again!


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