Sunday, February 23, 2014

No 13 the same but different

Yesterday, I called No 13 my Sunday morning face.
Wanda pointed out on Facebook that my "retirement was showing".
 And I didn't have a clue what she meant. 
Yesterday was Saturday. 
So, #13 is my Saturday morning face and I will be painting a Sunday morning face shortly. 

13 of 100 Faces
I really like the way this is looking as the faces begin to add up and even though this is a pretty bad photograph, I thought you might enjoy seeing the scheme of things as they stand today.
Face No 13

I used the same Modigliani reference for No One and 13.
I knew I was going to change up the whole technique and thought it would be cool for them to be next to each other. 
Here are some differences: 
No One
I sketched and painted many layers on the text.
The black outline was done with a dip pen
 She is framed. 
No 13
The first layer was black over the text.
I sketched with lead pencil on the black which showed up nicely. 
I cropped the Modigliani to show more neck and moved it to the right.
The black outlines are the background showing.
I stopped with just very few layers and tried to stop myself much sooner.
No frame.
Face No One & No 13

You can see other differences.
I can't say they were intentional. 


  1. Oh, it is so fun to see the differences! I couldn't do the same face twice if my life depended on it... It's great seeing them in the big picture, rock on! I am about at the point of *having* to join in here...but I am going to spend the day with my spouse as it is our 20th! Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks. I find it very hard to paint the same face twice. But I was listening to the muse. She's the one who thought it was Sunday.

  2. By the way , I am Carroll on facebook...

  3. so VERY COOL and FUN sHARON! I just had to tease great is that, that you didn't know what day it was!?

  4. I saw Modigliani in those faces - I love his portraits. You've done a fabulous job

    1. Thanks, yes some (so far most) are Modigliani inspired. Not sure how far I will go with Modig. No 14 is not.


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