Thursday, February 13, 2014

I made it to No 3

OK! She is bad and I know it. 
Moving forward.


  1. I love her - she looks like a Modigliani to me! So inspiring that you are working small - that's something the I'd like to try out.

  2. YOU almost made me late for work yesterday Sharon! jk...I was ready to go earn my pay yesterday and thought I'd just peruse a teeny before driving off. so I came here and when I read how tiny these were, I was so intrigued. I thought'll just take a minute or so, ha! I shall put her up on my blog later, such fun...and thought, this might be the one that I can see through to the end. And even if I don't we all learn something from our tasks. I sure loved/hated painting that tiny. but then on the way to work, many thoughts popped into my head. for one, I thought, "wanda, all your faces look the same a good deal of the time, you need to start changing it up" and 2; how I thought, the colors look so different than I thought while painting. didn't expect a novel eh...I shall do another this morning and check into MY THOUGHTS! thanks for a great idea!

    1. You totally "get it". Each day I am surprised at what I learn ....mostly about myself.
      Thank you

  3. Definitely a Modigliani, wonderful work Sharon. Annette x

  4. OOOOoooo, I really like this one!!!


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