Monday, August 13, 2007

Collage Art Box

This is a 3/5 X 5 inch paper mache box that I played with this past weekend.

It turned out very pretty I think and so I have listed it at my Etsy shop.

I used some of my wallpaper to finish the inside.

The de Vinci quote stamped around the edge of the lid is "once you have flown you will walk with your eyes turned skywards".

This is the assorted wallpapers I'm offering on Etsy.
There is also a border included not shown here.
These are not quite vintage papers from the 1970s. They are very pretty and have that beautiful silk screen printed look.
Hope you like them.
More later about my weekend,


  1. Sharon, what a great quote from de Vinci. The box looks fantastic.

  2. The box is darling.......cute to fill with goodies as a gift! Love the inside as well......Thanks for your comments on my blog.....I like the resin finish too! That was just my first now I know what I am dealing with....I will have to try more (Expensive though!!!)....hugs, L.

  3. I love the box - I found my way to your blog via the lovely Ro - what a treat. Thankyou.

  4. the box is so gorgeous! very inspiring sharon. just what i needed this day. :)

  5. A perfect place to keep little treasures. I love seeing your art on a dimensional piece. The wallpaper inside compliments it beautifully.

  6. Dreamy-looking treasure box! Really beautiful and perfect to keep wishes and secrets. Or cherished trinkets :-)Your collaged tubes are glorious too.

  7. what things you can do with wallpaper sharon...i am so impressed with your vision...blessings, rebecca

  8. What a beautiful box Sharon, I'm glad to see you have your etsy store up and running.

  9. Sharon, this box is beautiful. I did not realize that you had an Etsy shop so I followed the link to check it out. I instantly fell in love with one of your bags! It's mine now!!

  10. gorgeous little box, so rich and pretty!

  11. What a gorgeous little box, really pretty.


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