Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Little Rambling

Sometimes, I just need to ramble. Today is one of those times. I think there will be no artistic significance to any of today's ramble. Therefore, you might want to just click on off. That is if you are not into ramblings.
I hesitate to tell you that I find myself in a bit of a "funk". Well I guess I didn't hesitate too long because there you have it. I am in a funk. We have had this discussion before. As I recall, my little book says a funk is, "a shrinking back from fear." So, that is what I'm pondering.
To me, "funk" means I can't seem to concentrate on the art at hand. I tell you I have gessoed over this one canvas more times that I care to tell. And there it sits. I just don't seem to be interested in the next step. You know that Norah's my muse. Maybe it is she who is shrinking back. I know not what she fears though.
Do you know that our home is multi-generational? We are so blessed to have our daughter and 2 grandchildren, Ashley and Tim with us at this time. We are making lifelong memories. These memories will last much longer than I or my dh and that makes me happy.
Do you know that I am "the wingkeeper"? It is a silly thing that just happened one time when I was sending a few of my treasured feathers out into blog land. It just made sense. I do collect feathers and I do love things that fly. I do have chickens and guineas. I do have hummingbirds that seem to visit annually. I do have beautiful butterflies that allow photographs. I do have bluebirds that nest each year in the little boxes we provide. And my friend gives me dragonflies. All these things you already know if you have been around for a while. But you do not know that now all my family has joined in with collecting feathers for me. My dear husband gives me at least one a day. How cool is that?
Yesterday, as he left the office, he pointed out this feather on the ground just outside the office. It is a city bird feather. Becoming "the wingkeeper" gave me inspiration when I did this piece about Ashley and "we are the wingers" and how Ashley had earned her wings as she was about to go off to college.
Today as I was stroking this feather and pondering this "funk", I realized it is not a funk that I'm in. It is melancholy that I feel because our nest is about to be empty of our little princess bird, Ashley. She will go off to collage Saturday.
Isn't it amazing how God's breath surely blew the city feather to our feet to help me understand that ......
More later,


  1. oh sharon! how lucky ashley is to have such a wonderful grandmother!
    how blessed you both are. i am sending you a hug for I know that missing someone is tough. i will be thinking of you.

  2. Oh gosh, I think you nailed it on the head......the family dynamics will now change and you are already sensitive to that. Sometimes what is so good for the little birds doesn't feel so good to US for a while. I understand, Pet. Truly I do.
    Best ~ Rella

  3. I think that it might be fun for you to join those who love and cherish what you share - (and heaven knows there are more that I can tell you) in celebration - and joy - and togetherness - do you have "a dress"...

    xox - eb.

  4. Beautiful post! Beautiful reflection and understanding. Sometimes we have to be still to see what God is trying to show us! It's a new journey for all of you and I wish Ashley the best as she flys off to college. There will be a small space in the nest missing but it sounds like you have such a wonderfully close family and Ashley will want to fly home often.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Serendipity. I so loved reading this post. Your family sounds wonderful and whilst it wont be the same without your beloved, the bond you obviously share will be with you both on a daily basis.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. oh, I like your ramblings...beautiful post, Sharon! (((hugs))) for you and those in your changing nest. smiles...

  7. When we have that tiny feeling of being "off" somehow, it is such a relief to discover what it is all about isn't it? The smallest sign, in this case a feather, can often lead us to the answer.

    Love is portable, it will be there wherever you both are.

  8. Hi Sharon,

    I had to come out of my long-time lurkdom to tell you how beautiful the thought of Ashley "earning her wings" is.

    I just wrote of the sadness we are feeling at our girls grow up. I'm taking a certain amount of comfort in your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them.


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