Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mail Tubes and Wallpaper

Just thought I would show you what I'm doing. I have some wallpaper for my Etsy shop and a couple of the prints are large. So, I want to offer larger pieces. I thought it would be cool to use mail tubes and then of course I just had to make them pretty. Tube ART full of wallpaper. I'm only making these 5 and I hope to list them tomorrow.
I hope you want to buy them tomorrow.
More later,


  1. Wow! Look at how gorgeous those tubes are...Sharon, you amaze me with your talent!!! smiles...

  2. tube fun...who wouldn't want them...blessings, rebecca

  3. Indeed! It is worth buying for the tube alone- stunning.

  4. OH MY! Thay are too faboo for words! LOVE IT!

  5. Ditto Judy! Love them. You are amazing. Tutorial please?

  6. Oh wow, mail tubes gone wild! Love that!!! And what a brilliant way to mail out wallpaper. I would have never thought of that!
    You have cool tubes, dar-link!

  7. I think mailing tubes are very convenient. I had to send a poster to my niece for her birthday and I thought it would get squashed. I totally forgot about mailing tubes and it was great to find it at the post office.

    Alena |


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