Saturday, August 25, 2007

Small World

Window to a Small World
It is a small world where we can make friends that we may never come face to face with.
We can be inspired by them.
We can be encouraged by them.
Thank you, each and every one of you who visited this week. Even if you didn't say so, I knew you were there. It helped me through the week. Here is the canvas that I kept adding gesso to all week. And now I am off to take our Miss Ashley to meet up with her future.
It really is exciting!
In this Small World.


  1. That is stunning. And a new chapter begins....

  2. I just love all the layers and texture! Hope your havin' a great summers end N!

  3. Everything you do, and I mean this most sincerely, is wonderful.
    And there is a new chapter unfolding for Ashley and for're giving her those wings!

  4. There are 3 posts that have no comments from me... That is because I am wondering WHY. You so rock and I am embarrassed to comment on everything you do.

  5. Your work is amazing, Sharon. My mother in law had a phrase that always comes back to me and that is "this too shall pass".It always seems to help me.

  6. Sharon, this is so very lovely. the violet background is so pretty behind this sweet image. I see something so promising with a gentle strength in this. Just beautiful. I hope the journey today was not too draining.

    Best ~ Rella

  7. Love this Sharon, lots of layers and depth, I've had so many wonderful comments about the piece of art you did for me, especially by people who've seen it in reality.

  8. Wow!! So, so beautiful... smiles!

  9. Stunning beyond words really.

  10. Oh Sharon, everything you do is gorgeous. Gorgeously beautiful!!

  11. Sharon,
    this is truly stunning!!
    Have a wonderful week.

    Sandy :)

  12. This is an absolutely stellar piece of artwork! I love everything about it.


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