Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mail ART

Took a break last night. Yep, crashed in the recliner.
I must have dreamed about mail because I woke with a second wind.
What fun I had making this little bit of mail ART.
I will be winging it out of here today.

Learn about the Crusade No 10 over at Michelle Wards stop. Just go here .
For "what is the street team" and see more mail art, go here.

I just have to go get some hopefully really cool stamps. The last time, I told the po that they had dull and boring stamps. ....just might have to make my own.
More on that later,


  1. sharon! look at this riot of color, what fun to get in the mail. glad you raced in at the finish line to share your mail art with the team. happy to have you playing with us.

  2. Glorious and vibrant mail art tags Sharon!!! You know you will bring a smile on the faces of the mail angels who will deliver these, don't you? Not to mention the delight your people will feel upon receiving your mail art!

  3. oh yippy yippy yippy!!!!!!!!

    Norah got Sharon to join the Crusade!

    some lucky duck
    is twirling and dancing
    under a pink sky.

    could be...

    xox - eb.

  4. WOW Sharon what fabulous, fabulous colour, it just sings.

  5. How pretty! I love your bird stamps!

  6. Sharon, you can go to and create your own postage stamps.I made some using my own artwork.
    If you get on their list they will e-mail you when they are having a sale.
    It's great fun!

  7. I love that red! What shade and type of paint is it!? I never thought of tags so now I must try it and add it to the ever growing list of stuff to do...So many projects, so little time...

  8. ok...these are much cooler than mine...i must return to the artroom and do more...blessings, rebecca

  9. Those colors are great! I love the stamp of the girl with her mouth open on the set on the bottom-where did you get them?

  10. Wow, how gorgeous and bright, fabulous!

  11. Wow your mail is is so vibrant, looks great.

  12. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! Mine landed yesterday!!!!! My daughter thinks it's the COOLEST thing EVER that you made that stamp too! She kept saying that all night, wondering how you did it. Lol!
    I love the tag within the tag - soooooo fabulously NorahS! And now i have a piece of art from you :)
    Thank you... it will be cherished :)

  13. He-e-e-y!!! What happened to my comment? I was soo-o-o-o thrilled to get my tag from you -- especially since I wasn't expecting anything from you.How cool is that? A mail art RAK! (I must have "previewed" my comment and then failed to post it.I do that a lot. duh.) You gotta know how surprised and tickled I was to get one of these... gee! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! LOL. Thanks so much for the honor, Sharon - tell Norah she did SPLENDID ART with this one! Love the gorgeous color and bold style.


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