Sunday, August 26, 2007


What fun we had huffing and puffing with all her stuff. Ashley has been delivered and it is official.
She is a College Student!
Her Mom spent the rest of the evening yesterday and today cleaning her room and moving into it. You see, Princess Ashley was the only one who had a room all to her self.
I spent today making this Pringle Can Cookie Mail Tube.
Ashley made it clear that she expected Cookies in the mail.
We busied ourselves to fill the emptiness here.
This my friends is a College feather. As we were leaving yesterday and entering the parking garage, I looked down and there it was. All sorts of things flashed through my mind. Mostly, I knew she was in good hands in this new nest.

And here she is. Princess Ashley on the right and her roommate. She patiently accommodated my chronicling the day. Do you see that look?

Now we are getting ready to send Tim to a new school tomorrow. New routines for everybody. How about you?
I have to go make cookies now.
More later,


  1. what a huge transition for you all right now! your daughter looks so excited and happy, and i just LOVE the decorated pringles can - you're so clever, and what a great mom...fresh cookies for your princess!

  2. That is a really cool can! I will have to try one of those (or put it on my to-do list). Here is a tried and true tip for shipping cookies. Pack them in popcorn. It is a great cushion and serves double duty as an extra treat.But be sure to pack the popcorn in little bags first.

  3. Best wishes to princess Ashley in college!!
    Love the altered can, and what a nice find the college feather was!

  4. Ashley looks confident, eager to begin and absolutely GORGEOUS!!
    The look is so cute, and we know that
    she is loving the fact that you adore her. That is priceless.
    the can is awesome!! Is it really a Pringle can? Not a totally white can?? I love it. Any trouble mailing it? I may borrow the idea to send goodies to my nieces and nephew when the chaos ends and the reality sinks deeper yet.
    As you can see, I cannot sleep, and it sure is nice to visit you.
    The feather is fabulous and makes me smile. While yours is totally stunning, I found two as I walked outside to get air during a few difficult at the front door and one by the mailbox.
    I scooped them up. Precious gifts.
    xox Rella

  5. Wow! What a sign that you found a feather just as you were leaving...

    Great photo...she's beautiful!

    Lovely can...such a great idea for cookies! I love it! smiles...

  6. Your daughter is adorable! I remember that "empty nest" feeling when both of my sons left home. However, you did what any artist mother would do...move right into that bedroom and make a studio. I did the same thing!

  7. Cool idea with the Pringles can. You just never cease to amaze me! lol OH yes, new routines here too. Had to send the little guy off to kindergarden yesterday (sigh). And so another chapter begins and another ends. Happy Day N!

  8. Wishing you and Ashley all the very best of luck - what a "feather in both your caps" - lol!

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  10. This must have been a sweet and sour moment to see Ashley move into her college room.... but what a beautiful and exciting time for her!

  11. I was going to say I recognize the" look" but having taken a plane and hauling my own trunk to college, without my parents. Enjoy the look and everything that comes with it. There is NOTHING like getting goodies from home! TANGIBLE goodies, not just money!

  12. ps...She may be the envy of everyone there once they get a look at your artwork on the container! Tone it down a little, for her sake and for the safety of the goodies :)


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