Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I know it is not Friday. And I know I haven't shown any "calendar art" in a long long time.

What can I say. The desk oil pastel set got my attention yesterday.

I will be gone Friday and have a weekend away planned so any weekend art that I might do may be in a sketch book. I think I'll try that.


I have something else to tell you about my Etsy shop.

I have a new partner over at the shop. My friend Susan, will be listing some things and as a matter of fact, we listed a few small wallpaper packs last night.

Her art is different from my and I realize now that we will need to tell in the description who the artist is. So, we will do that.

More later,


PS Don't you love these colors? You must try them. They are so cheerful.


  1. This is absolutely breath-taking! The colors look like ice-cream sherbet...stunning! You are one talented lady, my dear!

  2. Yes! The colors are fabulous!!! Hope you got my little package. Have a great weekend... relax... and breathe deeply!

  3. Oh I agree, those colors are way cheerful! Like a carousel!

  4. ooooh, so pretty! Those colors just make me happy! smiles...

  5. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY...but surprise there! Happy Day N!

  6. Do you ever get caught doodling at the desk? In any way, it's well worth the risk. I love your doodles any day. Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Lovely colours and great art Sharon.
    Enjoy your weekend away

  8. Beautiful Sharon!
    Hey, do you ever get your oil pastel colors on your work papers?

  9. Sharon...this is beautiful and I love those vibrant, fun colors :o)


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