Friday, August 03, 2007

Mail In Mail Out

I received this beautiful Art Swap piece from Ro Bruhn. My photo does not do it justice. You might like to visit her to see a better picture.
Thank you Ro for swapping with me. I love love your art.


original collage by
Ro Bruhn

Ro gifted me with this Swiss Lace applique and a little dangly fob that she made with Australian beach glass. Ro said, "The glass is a piece that I found at the beach where I walk during my lunch break, it's all
the way from Australia, although who knows where it originated from."

Yes, who knows, and now it has found its way to Texas! I wonder what it was when....

Here is my package on its way to Australia yesterday. "Here it comes, Ro"

But do you see the Ms and Es on the desk around it. I'm getting ready for my Kids Book of Me Workshop Saturday morning. Hope to get some photos to show and tell.


My other swap is leaving Texas today. This jazzy package is headed to California.....

Now, I didn't crop this snap shot because I thought you might get a kick out of seeing were I sit 8 to 5.

I'll point out a few things...from my chair.
In the bottom left corner is my calendar that I doodle in. No doodles this week.
Just above that is my inspiration journal. That's where I jot down "inspiration" when I'm blogging around. You know how things just pop into your head. If I jot it down, then I make room (in my head) for more inspiration. It helps with AAA, Art Anxiety Attacks.
Now look beyond the package. Do you see it? It is a wonderful counter top with a shelf above it and there is a light under the shelf. It is for big ART projects. I mean after all, don't all insurance offices have ART projects going on?
Now one last thing; at the end of the counter on the left, do you see that square light spot. Yep, I have a birds eye view into "his" office and can keep and eye on whether or not he is really working.....or is it I can look busy if he should start this way.

Have a great weekend. Mine is loaded with plans. I'll fill you in with...
More later,


  1. Sharon.....Thanks for stopping by...I am having a ball with these clothes! I feel lucky having two little girls to sew for (actually I have 4 that I sew for, the fifth is 14 and not interested..ha..ha)

  2. Gorgeous packages Sharon!!!! VERY cool seeing your work area! He he he! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. What fabulous goodies you received and the package you mailed out is so colorful and FUN! I'm sure the recipient is going to LOVE it.
    Hope you have a great weekend. Look forward to seeing the kids workshop photos.

  4. Thanks for showing my work Sharon, I can't wait to get your package it looks sooooo wonderful.
    Good luck with your workshop, I'm sure they all have a ball.


  5. Sharon you have such talent!! A package is on the way to you;) Love, Jamie

  6. I was quite happy sending RAKs and things to people, until The Hubbs pointed out that my postage budget for the past 7 months was over $170.00 already...needless to say,I am a sad onlooker these days. BUT please let me know about the colors on the art cards!

  7. i loved seeing the mail art--to and from. what gorgeous work! and i always love to see work spaces. hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

  8. Wow - what fantabulous eye candy! Brilliant work.

  9. What gorgeous packages, fabulous!


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