Friday, June 12, 2009


My morning house chore today was to wash eggs and turn on the dishwasher.
I don't know why, I thought you needed to see the eggs. Aren't they are grand!Yesterday when I got home I ran to the nest to see what progress had been made. I saw thin, fine nesting material had been added and thought to myself, "it must be the finishing touches". I had noticed the evening before she had added a coarse material over the leaves that lined the bottom.
This morning before starting my chores, I looked but did not see her at the nest. Then while standing at the sink washing eggs, I saw her dart around the corner. I ran to watch out my window being very still and just watching as she did a sort of slow dance. She slowly squatted into the nest cup and then stood and turned a little bit. Then, she squatted and stood and turned and squatted and stood and turned and squatted and stood and turned. I watched her slow dance in wonder. This must be how they make the nest cup so perfectly rounded, I thought. I left her dancing but did see her fly past my window again.
I reported her slow dance to dear husband and then went back to see if she was back. I'm a stalker. She was there sitting quietly in her nest cup. The dance was over. I watched. We were both still and silent. She saw me but turned away. She opened her beak a couple of time which was curious and then she hopped out and flew.
I thought to myself, "could she have possibly just laid her first egg?" and "could I have possibly just witnessed it?" I quickly opened the door, taking the five steps in two leaps and there it was at 6:48 am, the first pale blue speckled beautiful gift.

I left knowing she was finished for today. I did have time for morning art and will share that later.
Expect more eggs,


  1. Beautiful description of one of natures small miracles.

  2. I love your washed eggs picture! That nest is wonderful and so is the little egg in it! Thanks for sharing! I just love this!

  3. And, people think Hollywood is important! Other than the birth of a human being, I can't think of a more important and beautiful event than what you witnessed. And, isn't that egg glorious?
    Thanks for sharing it. Pat

  4. Oh how wonderful that you were able to catch the moment she laid her first egg. It's beautiful! Our little mama bird here has returned to her nest to lay a second brood!

  5. What an honor to wtiness such in nature.

    I wonder if she did the hardest thing first that she had to do all day. Sometimes it is good to get the hardest done early.

  6. i have enjoyed watching her build the new nest
    and now the arrival of the children
    i have bids that build their nest from mudd every year
    in the dog kennels
    drives the dogs nuts
    but i watch each new years crop learn to fly and leave

  7. Gosh, I've missed some stuff here.

    I'm glad you're posting about the cardinal. What a fascinating thing to witness, and you tell it so well.

    Thanks for that.

  8. Eggcellent post Sharon! See how important you are to all of us!

  9. Sharon, that was a glorious description...I had to read it through several times. I've been a bird watcher since preteen years and am always tuned in to the birds around me. You witnessed something few people do, I imagine. I thank you for sharing the event in such a way that we can feel we were there with you enjoying the experience.

  10. Oh, what an honor to witness something so wondrous! You'll have to check out my blog and see my egg offering:-) It's that time of year.

  11. How exciting to witness the mother preparing her nest and delivering her first egg. You must have been soooo happy all day!

    Jacky xox


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