Saturday, June 13, 2009

Glorious Saturday

As I often do on weekends,

I jumped out of bed just after five O this morning.

I had wiggled my allotted time and had to jump.

I wasn't up too long and found myself cutting these fun little stamps.

I'll be using them today, I'm sure.

When I noticed the time, I ran to the back door window.

Yes, there she was on the nest. It was 6:25.

Again, we quietly watched each other.

Then, at 6:35 she flew.


Here is the journal page I told you about starting in this post. As you can see, I broke up the symmetry well enough. I wanted to show since I was "just telling" the other day.

Isn't it the craziest thing, I have so much to blog about and am energized to do it. I'll be back because I'm just dying to show you the painting I finished. You're gonna love it.

Expect a glorious weekend,



  1. Well you sound cheery and rarin' to go. Glad you feel like blogging today. Thank you for the picture of the bird eggs and keeping us up to date on them. Your journal page is very interesting and I like it. The stamp idea is fantastic. Keep on keeping on and "have fun".

  2. I cam from the art room as I was doing some clean up and thought I will check on what Sharon is doing,
    sure enough a lovely post of bird eggs, and art. A gift on a Saturday morning really.

    Another egg, some of her hard work done for this Saturday. I know that seed hunting and looking lovely are also big tasks. Certainly nest building takes some thought and hunting for good materials.

    I like the journal, and always lean toward not having composition symetrical. then the word balanced enters my mind and it can be that.

    Nice stamps to use, all words that mean a lot to me.

    I also enjoyed the eggs yesterday,
    I washed many eggs as a child for mother and grandmother.

    I am also watching a very tiny nest of a white throated aparrow, the thing is there are two kinds of eggs in it, some bird left her with their responsibility. It is in a tiny groomed tree in the garden at eye level.

    Wishing you creativity on this lovely Saturday.

    Can't help the smile, Emelie

  3. Glorius day indeed!

    I wish that bird knew what a good guardian angel it has watching over it's nest! lol!

    It is good to see you here Sharon!

  4. Hi Sharon: I LOVE IT !!!! your art, your enthusiasm, your spirit, your joyous being : ) thanks for sharing it - it is contagious. not sure about the 5:0am but for sure the start of the day, week, month - ALL OF IT - thank you : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  5. Sometimes you may be down, but, you my friend, will NEVER be out!! Glad some enthusiasm has returned.....and, as always, enthusiasm is catching! Thanks, pat

  6. I always love your bird saga's. The tree's are too tall in my area and the crazy outdoor cats make it impossible for anything to nest nearby.
    ps...I am looking into Blogger!

  7. How wonderful to be able to watch your Mama bird at work. It will be fun for you to see the babies hatch out later on.
    Lovin' your latest work! You are such an inspiration to us all. I am glad that you work through the slump and are back again. How lucky for all of us! I love your new paintings and journal pages.
    Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday! Sit back and enjoy the day!

  8. Enjoying the 'little bird' journal. Thanks.

  9. You *choose* to get up at 5am? Far out!!!

  10. Love the fun stamps, I may have to pull out my erasers and make some more. They are so gret for art journaling.


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