Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Brushes

I ordered new brushes from Blick and received them yesterday. Painting with acrylic on canvas just wares out my brushes so quick it seems. I'm sure the fact that I leave them in my water doesn't have anything to do with it. Here is what it said that made me want them: "The brush head is stiffer than most synthetics, so it can handle thicker paint, yet it still holds a remarkable point." Also they are synthetic Mongoose! That made me want them too. I know. Crazy.

I barely used them last night just to see and have to say they don't seem "stiffer" to me. I will say the tiny liner brush worked beautiful.

Look at this nose. (the color is much better in real life) I think it is the best nose I have ever painted. For me, the nose is the hardest feature to paint. This one won't be available as it was a special order. But I had to show you the nose. And tell you that if you are interested in a special Castle Tower painting with your chosen words, email me. I think I can do it.
here ye.
here ye.
I have a special this week.
It is my own Etsy hide and seek game.
One of my listed prints is available with free shipping.
Find the listing and you will know which one.
It is the only listing with zero shipping.
It's a deal
If you want a second item,
I will refund the shipping after paypal confirmation.
recap: I chose the first item (you can find it) and you choose the second item (if you want it)

Thanks and expect,


  1. Sharon, another lovely painting! Thanks for the info on the brushes.

    I enjoyed reading your article "Mini Sister Wood Paintings" in the latest Somerset Studio Gallery! Love the technique!

  2. I agree... noses are always the hardest... but you did a great job with this one.. will have to nab the Somerset Studio Gallery issue.. you are so talented and such joy to check in with on your blog. Thanks for art-ing up my day!

  3. This is one stunning face!! Nose perfection...eye perfection...stunning mouth. Goodness gracious. If I would stop playing with dolls and just get back to my art. You inspire me as always.

    xox Rella

  4. Yes, that is a good nose. Noses are so hard for me too. I will have to try the brushes. And this is a wonderful painting.

  5. you sure have a happy piece in her
    nose/eyes!/mouth beautifully painted face

    i have a time with brushes myself
    and i am a brush fiend!
    i just ordered brushes too... didn't see these to try
    so at some point maybe give us some feedback

  6. Yes, a fabulous nose and glowing eyes. She is gorgeous!

  7. wow, this is the best painting I have ever seen on your blog. The eyes are magic and the face looks so real. You did a great job on this one.

    You are amazing !

  8. Nice nose. Excellent eyes. Magnificent mouth. Wonderful work.

  9. Oh I love discovering new wonderful artists and blogs. Came from Martha's blog.

    Beautiful art, beautiful blog!!


  10. Hi, Sharon. This face is your best so far! How did you get the line oif crevises - the profound texture on her skin? It's wonderful. BTW, I'm sending this comment from my brand-new iPhone!!! Yippee! I finally got a new cell phone. Call me anytime now. Yes!! Love the new brushes. I could use some new ones,too.

  11. Wow, I found your special offer on etsy and now it's gone as I bought the "free postage" item, yipee, I was eyeing your beautiful creations for some time so I am happy to have taken the advantage of your generous special! Thank you, can't wait to hold this gorgeous piece in my hands.

  12. Well, Sharon, I guess I am either ignorant or just plain weird, but tell me....how does one make "synthetic" mongoose? I hope they work for you, even tho I'm now skeptical of them. I'm being funny, of course! You have lots of FUN. pat

  13. She is beautiful..You catch the spirit always in the eyes..Perfect nose..You are so blessed..

  14. Not only is this the best nose I've EVER seen, but her eyes are beautiful too!

  15. I'm very hard on brushes, and at times I forget and leave them in water....bad!! I'll try these and see if I like them.

    The faces you paint are always beautiful and this one is, too.

  16. I already left a comment, but I came back today to explore a little more.
    I absolutely adore your houses!! The paper you use is so bright, full of color. Do you use purchased paper, or do you make your own??

    I also wanted to tell you I so enjoy the postings of the wonderful nests, and birds, chickens too!! I have been thinking of getting chickens for many years, are they a lot of work??

    Again, love your work and blog!!!

    Have a great day!


  17. Oh, look...it's the queen! And, what a beautiful nose she has. Can't wait to see her irl!

  18. Dear Norah,
    Please forgive me for being so remiss in telling you "thank you" for prompting Sharon to paint for me. I can't tell you how beautiful and luminous this painting really is. Honestly...the queen in the piece reminds me of someone very real. You have certainly outdone yourself. As for Sharon, well, she seems to be the perfect vehicle for you!
    A Fan


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