Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday visitors

through my kitchen window...
he looked at me
and then himself

and then back at me.

and then this guy....just chillin the late afternoon.


  1. Awwwwwww! So cute and how wonderful to see! What kind of beautiful bird is that?

    Thanks for sharing Sharon!

  2. Sharon!
    When I ws just a little girl I would spend many hours pouring over my Grandmother's copy of Petersen's Guide to Birds. This was the bird that I always dreamed would visit our bird feeders in Massachusetts. She was Swedish and retained her swedish accent till she died at 103!! She called her chickadee's shickadee's and we still do!! i do so love the birds!
    thank you so much for sharing this delightful sequenc of pictures with us. This is still my "DREAM Bird"!!!

  3. I so love Painted Buntings!! Their color is just amazing. Sad to say we do not get them here in North Georgia.

    But we do get the bunnies - there must be a warren somewhere around me. Every day I see quite a few of them. They are so sweet to watch.

    Thanks for sharing these!

  4. critters are something
    i had a terrific shot
    of course with out my camera handy

    the birds were caught in the wind
    and looked as if frozen in the moment
    i kept waiting for it to happen again
    but it didn't...

    your pond looks nice!

  5. I love that little bird, he is so beautifully colored.
    Your apron turned out great.

  6. Doesn't it feel restful to sit and watch the birds and animals. What a lovely place you have, a sanctuary.

  7. Oh! I love the nature pics! That bird is gorgeous-like a rainbow of color and the bunny-how nice to be surrounded by wildlife. Thank you for visiting me!


  8. What a beautiful bird and to see it in your own yard! I have only seen birds like this in zoos.

  9. love the bunnies and birds. and the apron!

  10. Oh, Sharon, I'm so envious! I love painted buntings and never see them here in my neighborhood. We have lots of indigo buntings out at our farm, though. And, we do have rabbits in our yard. Thanks so much for sharing your critter pictures!

    Sherry in Little Rock

  11. Hello Sharon:

    I am sure that painted Bunting wants to be in your art or in a castle with a lovely woman. He lingered so you could get a good look. After all the word painted means a lot to him.

    I have never seen a rabbit lay like that just like the cat lays sometimes.

    Your apron is so charming, hope you wear it when people come to visit. I keep looking at the noses you paint they have changed,
    so pretty and so so good.

    I admire people who don't waste a minute, you seem this way to me.

    Catching up, cool up north Emelie

  12. wOw! what a beautiful bird. we don't have those here, just so pretty and colorful! thanks for sharing the bunnies too. they can never relax in my yard like that, my dog would get 'em in a second!

  13. Oh what a beauty that Painted Bunting is. Lucky you to see such beauty like that. and I love the Jack Rabbit too. Two things we dont see here.

  14. Loved seeing your painted bunting and the precious bunny. Saw my first painted bunting outside my mom's kitchen window in Central Texas this spring. They are such a lovely bird. dix---

  15. Oh, my!!!! I see rabbits in my backyard nearly every day...and enjoy them...unlike lots of folks...probably because I don't really garden! However, I have never seen on of these GORGEOUS birds!!!! You were blessed by a beautiful bird visit! Thanks for letting me see....pat

  16. You certainly have some beautiful visitors! That bird is so colorful!

  17. What an amazing bird. If I didn't know better I'd say you painted it yourself, LOL!

    Off to see what you've been up to.


  18. Wow....I am not sure what jazzed me more...the you tube videos COLORING WITH SHARON, I MEAN NORAH...or the amazing bird and bunny shots! Holy Moly. Loved them both a lot.

    Many thanks for all the work put into these for us.

    xox Rella
    p.s. where did we leave off with the card adventures? I have forgotten already.

  19. These photos of the birds and the rabbits are just gourgeous! God is truly the best artist ever, and he shows us that in the beauty of Nature!
    hugs, I love your art, Norah!
    Silvana (I´m from Brazil)


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