Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Listen to your whisper......
There was something I wanted to tell you about
painting hair and bird watching.
Have you heard the expression,
"her hair looks like a bird's nest?"
The other day as I was watching Lady Cardinal's
magnificent nest building progress,
that expression came to mind.
It was during the painting of the first of this series
of Castle Towers.
And I was painting hair.
I thought about how Lady Cardinal first laid down a blanket of dried leaves. And how I had laid down a solid blanket of color as the first step. And then she added a layer of dried course plant stems of various varieties. I laid down some course strokes of other colors in the highlight area of her hair.
The next time I visited the nest, just before the first egg, and when the nest building was finished, there was a layer of very fine dried material. I was amazed to discover there is some blueprint somewhere that she was following. The layers were deliberate.
Then I added very fine strokes of the lightest and darkest colors where the hair was closest to me. (not all over) Then I knew I was finished.
And that is how I paint hair.
Like a bird's nest.
Listen to your whisper is another 8 x 10 on canvas board and I will be listing it soon as I can. Now, I have work to do.
ps...I think if you click on the picture you can better see the hair painting.


  1. Sharon, this is fascinating! Love the hair you paint and the bird's nest building....isn't it neat that the methods are so similar? You have a good day and keep an eye on Lady Cardinal. Take care and try to avoid the heat! Pat

  2. Love her and her expression is great!

  3. Love it Sharon, fantastic.

    Love Renee xooxxo

  4. Your anology is wonderful.. I love it.
    You must go to our wild women picture on my blog and see one of our wild women's hair!!!!
    it's really inspiring - I could see you doing a painting from that hair do. Janet is the one in black with the blond wind swept hair in branches.
    scroll down a bit to find the wild women pictures..

    enjoy, linda

  5. great wavy hair is often like a birds nest!!

  6. Great way to tell the lucky you are to have a front seat to the Cardinal nest building.
    Lovely hair style.

  7. What a wonderful comparison from real life to art. Your mind never stops working - great!!! Thank you for sharing.

  8. I think it wonderful how art and nature always go hand in hand.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Sharon........I loved the hair bird nest analogy.
    LuAnn in Oregon

  10. Hi Sharon,
    You are incredible and so is your ART! I'm always inspired when I have an opportunity to come by and visit.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  11. So pretty and the mat is appreciated...Sizes so vary here in Scandinavia...


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