Monday, June 15, 2009

Mail Castles

I sent these castles in the mail last week. I tell you they are so fun to build. I used black gesso on the envelope first and then took the collage papers, scissors and pens to the couch. Yep, art-on-the-couch.
I managed to list my latest originals on etsy just now. Check it out and help your self. Thanks.
Lady Cardinal is definitely now setting the eggs. Today is day 2 and she only laid 3 eggs. Had to get this shot before leaving this morning because the flower was blooming. She is watching me. OK, no more bird pictures until the hatch. Promise.
Expect a great week,


  1. I love your mail castles!!! And as I looked back at your earlier posts I see this is an ongoing theme. They are lovely.

  2. Holy crow your art is gone in seconds.


    Renee xoxo

  3. Can I live in one of your castles? They are delicious.
    Oh! The color of a cardinal's beak. If only I could reproduce that in paint.

  4. OK. I'm waiting and also expecting. I'm patient.
    Meantime, just know I love Rose of Sharon too!!!
    You have a good week. Pat

  5. Fun mail...and more party hats! Is the male cardinal around? My two birds were scared off by a snake on the front porch and now they are building a new nest on my back porch. It's a mud and twig nest. I had to chase away two purple finches from it today.
    I am enjoying your bird story and can't wait to see the babies.

  6. Love the mail you mean they are envelopes decorated?

  7. These are so fun. I just love mail art. I need to get back to doing it again.


  8. Mail Castles? What will you think of next? You are going to delight the postal folks with this batch of mail.



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