Thursday, June 11, 2009

Morning Art

Bounced out this morning and filled the bird feeders and noticed that Lady Cardinal is still working. Then I chose one house chore and that was to throw away a little stack of junk mail that was on the table near my bird watching chair.

I was anxious to go to my art desk and jump that hurdle I told you about. Well I didn't tell you what the hurdle was, just that there was one. I saw something yesterday that sparked me and so I jumped.

I never intended to show you any of these while in progress. Oh, sure. You know me if I paint I just must share it. It could be a sickness.

But anyway here is my art desk this morning after I have painted a bit and am running late for my 9am new office hour. This is the fourth canvas counting from the bottom of the picture in this post. At the moment she looks a little diabolical glaring at me with a happy-mean face. But later she won't.

When I don't have time to finish a painting, I bring it to my office and study it all day. I also do that when I finish a painting. Today, I will be thinking about how I will incorporate her into this silly little village. I have some thoughts already. And I think you will like them.

Another thing, thank you all so much for sharing your words with me. It really means so much. And at the moment, I am into blogging again. I believe that would be thanks to you and Lady Cardinal.


  1. i am absolutely loving these new paintings. so i 'm so thrilled that you're into blogging at the moment!!!

  2. Hi Sharon:

    What I love about life is when you give yourself permission to do something, it like a coin in your pocket that can be spent if you choose. You might not, or you may spend a little, but at least you have permission and you can make the choice that day.

    I like the bits in the bottom of the nest, sort of a stablelizer if more goes on top, or perhaps her choice of linen to lay eggs. Did I see the tiny word Ashley or Waverly on one piece. Probably not. That would mean she was into
    brand names and or collage.

    Just so happy to see things at your blog, it is a connection to good things in the day.

    Sunny up north, Emelie

  3. I like listening to you work through rough spots. I am working on a mixed media book for my dd and I'm not that happy with it. So at least if you are struggling, I'm not alone. :) And I haven't been blogging much either.

    I like your paintings with collage. LOVE THEM! :)

  4. okay
    one post reading led down to the next
    and down to the next
    and when i got to the bottom
    of 'this' page
    i was at the beginning
    that led up to this here post
    incredible how i got here hunh
    what is incredible
    is the art inspiration that brought YOU here
    and the works to tell their story
    and the story is so worth the telling
    i should write ..ahahaaa

    great views woman!
    the word verify is
    wouldn't one read that as
    on fire
    i do
    and YOU are!!!

  5. Oh I love your bloggin please do not stop lovely

  6. Thank you for sharing your art and blogging today. I too am struggling with a collage piece I am working on. I'm not fast, I do some and then I have to think about it and sleep on it and then think, think some more. Your'e recent work is so awesome and thought provoking. I popped by just in case you might have felt like blogging and there you were and I felt like I wasn't alone in my creative struggle.
    Thanks for sharing
    Jacquelene L.

  7. Sharon I am so glad that Lady Cardinal has inspired you again. The idea of doing one chore is wonderful, one chore, and then create. I really enjoy your blogs and your instructions. Sharing your talent is as good as your art. Please blog, but only when you fill like it and when you want to share.

  8. I will enjoy watching the progress on this series of paintings. Love to watch your imagination at work.
    I am glad to see that you are posting again. I hope that you work it out for true balance in your life. Do what you love and try not to worry about it!
    Sue K

  9. All things come in their own time I hear. So, post when you can and paint when you are inspired to do so......and, as you always do...expect! Pat

  10. I may not comment on every post, but I'm THERE on every post. And I'll hang on with you as you make decisions regarding your art, and your blogging. Don't mind us, your readers, do what YOU need to do. But I was glad to see you back so soon and that you were working again on your series. Life is hard, the mind is complex, (believe me THIS I know!) and sometimes you have to stop and shake your head a bit to clear it. But, we'll be here waiting and thinking only the best of you.


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